Reflection And Evaluation On Workplace Placement Assignment Sample

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Reflection And Evaluation On Workplace Placement

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In order to improve personality and professionalism reflection plays a very crucial role. As in the reflection, experience of individual includes which show how it helpful for that particular person and what he/she perceives from the past observation and experience. Reflection assists to individual in improving the personality and power of critical thinking. Individual ability to reflect on the experience and knowledge assists him in improving various aspects of personality and professionalism. Reflection is also very important because it helps to individual in learn in many ways and it is critical components in this learning practice. As per the given case scenario, I have got placement in health and care organisation named Westminster Homecare which is situated in United Kingdom. The major objective of this health and care organisation is to deliver high quality of services and treatment to patients through which they can improve their health issues and problems.

I have got placement in the Westminster Homecare where I have major roles and responsibilities is to provide effective treatment and care to patients by which health problem can overcome. One day I have interacted with an old lady in a care home who was suffering from dementia. It is a serious health issue in which patient’s memory level decreases. In a general term, it can be said that dementia is a mental loss problem in which individual’s mental ability gets down by which their interaction power gets down and they unable to communicate with other. This issue is generally caused due to the physical change in brain (Sethares and Asselin, 2017). I have assessed that patient was facing serious health issue but there was not proper arrangement and treatment provided to her by staff members and health care experts. I have analysed that old lady was neglected and no health experts and staff members were delivering effective care services to that patient. Moreover, I have also assessed that health care organisation management has not designed a proper arrangement of treatment for old lady due to which she was suffering in high level of pain. One day I saw that she was being aggressive because no one provided proper treatment and facility to her. As per this situation, I have decided to use the 6 choices of care to her and provide effective treatment for her health issues. These 6 choices are discussed as below:

  • Choice One- it has seen by me that staff members was not being compassionate so I have decided to adopt collective working through which every staff member collectively work and resolve issue regarding old lady.
  • Choice Two- I have seen that staff members and health experts were ignoring the health of patient and so, for overcoming this problem, I have designed a systematic planning through which systematic services and treatment can be delivered to old lady.
  • Choice Third- I will provide high quality of services and overcome unnecessary administrative task. By this, we can effectively utilise available resources and gain maximise benefits for patients.
  • Choice Four- I have decided to attend training and development program through which I can understand the issue of patient in a better way and become able to deliver effective treatment and care to them.
  • Choice Fifth- It has been decided by me to design impressive working environment at the workplace through which patient can feel better.
  • Choice Six- I adopted familiar interaction with patient through which I can understand the issue of them and resolve same in a better manner. With the help of familiar behaviour, I can easily understand issue and resolve them in an effective manner.

As per the above discussion, it has been analysed and assessed that in Westminster Homecare, I have got placement as a care worker and seen that old day who was suffering from dementia was not getting proper treatment from health care experts and doctors. From this situation, in Westminster Homecare, I have learnt many new things and gained knowledge and skill. This experience in Westminster Homecare can be defined with the help of Gibbs reflective model which are discussed as below:

  • Description- While I have got the placement in the organisation where I have major responsibility is to deliver high quality treatment and care to the old lady. I have seen that within the organisation, there is not proper facility and arrangement for the patient who have serious health issue. I have seen that management have not done the proper arrangement and have not designed effective working practices for the patients. While I was seen this situation I have decided to change the working practices and strategy through which patient can able to get proper treatment and care services. In order to deliver care services and effective treatment I have taken the decision to select 6 care choices under which I have design the effective planning, collective working, familer interaction, training and development, working environment etc. With help of these changes I would be able to change the working environment and arrangement for the patient and can be able to provide high quality of treatment to patient so as they can improve their health issue.
  • Feeling- As I have got my placement in the Westminister Homecare I have analysed that it is my great responsibility to provide effective treatment and care services to patient so as they can improve their health issue. As I have seen that management and organisation worker do not have focus on the quality of working, care services and patient improvement. Thus, I have decided to change the 6 care choices such as familiar interaction, working environment, care working practices, training and development etc. I have analysed that with help of these care choice and changes I would be able to make some necessary changes within the organisation through which right treatment and care can provide to patients. One major choice of care is training and development that help me and other care worker in acquiring the knowledge and skill regarding effective treatment for patient. In addition to this with help of this training and development I can easily able to learn the criteria to deliver impressive treatment to patient in care home. In addition to this, another working practices is regarding collective working under which I will work with other care worker through which effective outcome will obtain at workplace. By develop effective working environment, I can easily provide such environment under which patients can live easily and comfortably. Apart from this by adopting familer nature I can easily connect with lady through which she can share her views, opinion and idea.
  • Evaluation- As per the discussion I have analysed that with help of these six working practices regarding changes in the organisation I will able to improve health of old lady. As I have seen that management of health care organisation have not focused on the care services of patient so it is very important to design such impressive changes through which patient can get high level of measurement. While I have implemented collective working practices then I have seen that care worker started to focusing on the high quality treatment. All care workers were collectively providing treatment and service to old lady through which she has come in the normal situation (Bass, Fenwick and Sidebotham, 2017). Another choice of care is related to systematic planning in which I have designed systematic planning for delivering treatment and care services to old lady. With the help of this planning, I have set systematic schedule, types of treatments, medicines, etc. for old lady. Apart from this, I have able to communicate with patient through which I have understood her body language, feelings, attitudes, thoughts, etc. By creating a positive environment at workplace, I have successfully understood nature and behaviour of an old lady and designed proper schedule of care services for her. I have analysed that other staff members and care workers has supported me in treating old lady and they all adopted my 6 changes regarding treating and care of that lady. However, I have seen that it was very difficult to influence other care workers for adopting a new choice of care because they were not ready to adopt new changes in the practices and policies of care services. Furthermore, my Another weakness is that I am weak to handle high work pressure at single time.
  • Analysis- From this evaluation and discussion, I have analysed that I have learnt many new skills and abilities from experience in Westminster Homecare with an old lady who was suffering from dementia. In order to provide effective treatment and care services to dementia patient, designed six care of choice designed by me through which I have able to improved condition of old lady. It has been observed by me that at the time of implementing six choices of care, I have faced several issues as most of the care workers have not accepted the changes. If they will accept the changes then patient health issue will easily improve and they can get high quality of care services.
  • Conclusion- From this entire discussion,it has been assessed by me that I have some strengths and weaknesses in my current role in the Westminister Homecare. I assessed that my major strength is my analytical and observation skill through which I have understood the issue of old lady and carelessness of staff members of Westminister Homecare. Apart from that Effective decision making skill in me through which I have taken decision to make changes with organisational practices by which old lady can get proper treatment and care. I have skill of effective team working because I effectively coordinated with team members at workplace. However, it has been also assessed that my major weakness is lack of ability to handle pressure and many patients at a single time. While any pressure situation occurs then I get in stress and frustration. Furthermore,it has been analysed by me that management of Westminster Homecare has not developed systematic health care practices and policies for patients suffering with dementia. This is very serious health issue due to which anyone can loss their memory and unable to interact with someone. So, for patient suffering with dementia, management should develop a separate section and department as well as arrange effective facilities and equipment for treatment. Staff members and health care experts should adopt such effective behaviour with dementia patients through they can improve their health issue. Overall, it can be said that management of Westminster Homecare should design such practices and policies through which health care experts can focus on the dementia patients. As per the experience in the Westminster Homecare, I have improved my decision making and analytical skill. By working with other workers and staff members, my team working skill and team working skill have also been improved. By this working experience in Westminster Homecare with dementia patient, I have improved my overall personality in health care sector which will help me in the future to become a successful health expert who can resolve major health problems among patients.
  • Action Plan- As per the above discussion, it has been analysed that there are some requirements for improving the weaknesses in my personality while I was treating an old lady. It has been assessed by me that due to the lack of ability to handle lots of work at the workplace at single time. In order to improve this weakness, I will attend training and development program in health and care setting. Furthermore, I will also attend personality development class through which I can be able to improve my working criteria. By attending training and development program and personality development class, I can also improve my skills, knowledge and abilities to work in the health and care setting. In context of Westminster Homecare, there is the requirement to improve current working practices and policies regarding patient as well as staff members.



In this evaluation, I will analyse Westminster Homecare and its type of structure and functioning. Further, it will outline the changes in policies and practices which are required to be done as per the reflection and situation in which there is lack of care for old lady who is suffering from dementia. This will identify the rationale, aim and objectives of working with firm. Also, it will outline the direction of change and time which is required to completely implement these changes.


Westminster Homecare is the voluntary organisation focused on serving quality of life and care. It is the national provider of home health care services in order to promote healthy living among people. It is funded by the local authorities who need support and also seek for funds from government

The rationale behind existence of Westminster homecare is to provide support to people in order to deliver better living standard. The rational of care home is to provide home healthcare to people who are neglected by society due to, dementia, mental health, disabilities, sensory impairment, physical disabilities etc. In this, the care home is focused on serving better and quality living standard to people who are physically and mentally challenged. Further, the ultimate aim of care home is to serve care services to disabled people at their home and maximization of income for elders and vulnerable individuals who are local residents of Westminster. Apart from this, main objective of care home is to serve the best care services in order to build own reputation of quality care services. Further, in order to manage this, the firm is focused on integrity and dealing with all the requirements of clients and care providers.

The care services of Westminster are focused on mentally and physically challenged elders and local residents of Westminster. The employees of health care organisation are focused on addressing the care needs of individuals who require personal care and who lives alone at home. In accordance with the given scenario which is highlighted in reflection, it has been evaluated that due to mismanagement of staff services, the lady suffering with dementia became aggressive. However, still there is benefit of working with care home because providing care to physically and mentally disabled individual of society is a blessing for care providers.

According to six choices, it has been analysed that it will take 6 months to implement complete modification but these changes will assist in removing the chance of mismanagement, duplicate of work, lack of care and patient’s safety (Holm and, 2017). Moreover, the focus of organisation will be to enhance working practice of care workers by organising regular training and development session. These sessions will make care providers familiar to situations which can come across while handing the mentally and physically challenged individuals. Implementing the changes in work practices will assist in managing alteration and patient care effectively. The hierarchical model of organisation does not work because in this, no individual except top management has the power of making decision. Due to this practice sometimes care workers faces problems in managing patients safety especially in cases of emergency (Baumann and, 2014). Tall structure of organisation does not motivate working of staff as in this type of structure, Lack of involvement of employees in decision making process leads to lack of confidence in care workers practices hampers their working productivity. However, tall structure of care home can be effective because it helps in controlling and monitoring staff practices. Therefore, as per the situation, implementing hierarchical control on staff members is the most effective way to control work place practices implementing effective changes, enabling safe organisational culture, providing benefits, job security and work life balance (Coyteand McKeever, 2016).

In my opinion and the situation which I came across, I feel workers are not exploited by clients because no worker in organisation was working effectively with old lady, due to which she became aggressive. It is important for the home care to implement strict monitoring practices in order to review staff’s behaviour with clients on regular basis. Monitoring is the best and effective process of evaluating staff performance on regular basis. Apart from this, it is important for the organisation to train its staff about the basic need and tactics to handle physically and mentally challenged patients. Hence, as per the situation, six choices of change are analysed in which client needs are considered. Thus, with all alternation in working practices organisation will train staff for 4 major work practices that is, right patient, right medicine, right dose, right time (Harris-Kojetin and, 2016).


From this entire evaluation of the working experience in Westminister Homecare, it has been concluded while any individual have got some experience then it reflects to their personality. Every one can learn something new from the past experience. From this entire discussion it has been analysed that care worker have great responsibility to provide effective treatment and care services to patient through which they can able to improve health issue. By adopting effective practices and strategy, management can able to improve quality of care services. In this case, individual have developed six practices for change through which they can able to deliver effective treatment to patient.


It can be said that organisation should focus on the quality of care services through which it can focus on patient’s health issue and improve them in an effective manner. Management should organise training and development programs for its health experts and care workers through which they can improve their current skills, abilities and knowledge to provide effective treatment to patient at workplace. Furthermore, management should adopt such equipment and practices by which care service quality can be improved. In addition to this, management should adopt effective monitoring method by which it can measure and monitor every care worker’s performance and outcomes. Assignment Help provided by New Assignment Help


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