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Introduction Of Sales Development Merchandising

Sales Development Merchandising is the activity to promote goods and services. Merchandising includes the quality, prices, design, layout, Which gives more sales revenue to the company. The present report is based on TUI Group, a multinational company of tour and tourism in Germany. It will explain the sales techniques and their principles. Apart from that, it will cover internal or external Merchandising material.


A.Define Buyer behaviour and discuss two factors that influence customer behaviour in that organisation.

The consumer is the king of the market. He is the person who enhances the sales revenue of the company. The buyer's process is the systematic approach. They identify the services and their features and then decide to purchase. Buyer behaviour is the systematic study of an individual or group of customers or identifying the goods and services. Consumer buying behaviour depends on the decision-making process during the purchasing. Two factors influence customers(Adrian, Phelps and Totten, 2017).

Consumer Behaviour-

Psychological Factors: This factor will affect the consumer behaviour strongly, such as:

  • Perception: It detects the world and its circumstances and chooses a like manner. Each look at the world and the circumstances in an unexpected way. The judging capacity and limit of each individual are extraordinary, and consequently, the take a gander at the world in an unexpected way. This is the thing that isolates the choice taking capacities.
  • Marketing Campaign: Advertising is the key factor that influences customers' buying behaviour made by them. Marketing promotional activities should continue to attract consumers from this advertisement and connect with the company. TUI, a multinational travel and tourism company in Germany, is considered for this report. It has to promote its services regularly to attract customers. In addition, attractive marketing campaigns influence customers to purchase the services. Furthermore, marketing activities is the mediator between customer and company.

Consumer behaviour- Personal factors: These are the factor that can be influenced consumer behaviour, which can be described as follows:

  • Economic Condition: Consumer spending power is the most effective factor. A positive economic environment influence customers to purchase more; otherwise, not. It makes consumers positive and confident to indulge in purchases. In case of crisis, it affects TUI sales badly (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker and Brennan, 2015). On the off chance that the economic circumstance is not great or stable, it will influence his buy control. Truth be told, if the shoppers or the economy of a country is enduring a misfortune, its resistance influences the buyers buy or spending choices.

Cultural and value factors: It is the most influential factor which affects the consumer in different ways. It is the factor that influences the organisation due to which demand for the products has changed accordingly.

B. Internal merchandising material and evaluation of their effectiveness and recommendation.

Company name: TUI


EVALUATION & Recommendations


Packaging of TUI must be attractive and innovative which attract customers towards them


Presentation is the tool which explains the company. It is very important to aware customers about the company.

Interior Design

It is the tool which shows company level. TUI needs to make their interior attractive which gives more sales revenue.

Sales Material

Sales material should be customer oriented which helps TUI to get more clients.


Quality is the essential tool to enhance the sales of the company which will help to set an goodwill and attract more customer towards the firm.

For the organisation it is important to improve the quality of the goods and service with the better operation and management.

C. External Merchandising and their influence the Customer Turnover.

Company name: TUI


Influence on customer turnover & Recommendations


Competitors may harm the company to produce different offers and services to attract the clients, TUI needs to be aware and gives new services frequently to retain the existing clients.

Recommendation for the taking competitive advantages is necessary to convert firms weakness into the strength.


Social factors depend upon the individual choice which influenced by the price, quality or individual perception, so TUI should give services at reasonable price.

Recommendation for this is that social factors is affected to the company behaviour for that they need to adopt corrective action plan.


Alternatives also influence customers towards another services, so to overcome from this issue. TUI needs to give better packages according to the customer needs.


Most advertising media for the product to maximise sales.

Product 1. Adventure tour of TUI

Media suggestion: Radio Advertising

TUI is the largest tourism company. They make attractive and exciting tours for their clients. It makes an adventurous tour for youth as young individuals love to visit the world and visit some of the most exciting places(Berthon, Pitt and Watson, 2015). TUI gives special offers to the people, so they need to adopt some attractive advertising media to promote their product. Therefore, TUI adopts Radio Advertising to make aware the youth of their new package. Radio Advertising is the most effective medium to attract clients. Promotion through radio has been the most effective tool because youth love to listen to the radio and hear many advertisements. On the other side, it is also cost-effective for the company. Therefore, it is a less expensive and most effective tool for marketing activities.

Moreover, it is a powerful medium to give information across the world. On the other side, the company may reap maximum sales revenue through radio advertisement. It is a cheap and quick way to get customer attraction.

For example, with the help of radio advertisements, companies can easily pass their voice to many populations. Along with that, this is the best manner to promote the TUI services. Therefore, a radio promotion plan is very much effective and promoting.

Product 2 Hotel Accommodation services

Media suggestion: Online Advertising

Online advertising is the most effective tool for marketing activities. It makes the product more reliable and long-lasting. A large number of the population use online searching for everything. The online platform is a most competitive and hard-hitting tool. For example, TUI may use the online platform to promote their hotels and luxurious services(Katz, 2016). They use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and many other social sites, which gives lots of customer attraction. For instance, online advertising helps reach customers by Facebook, the most crowded site visited by millions of people. TUI uses this online tool to promote its hotel services. Here, it makes available all service offers and attractive templates through which customers get fascinated. On the other side, short clips of hotel infrastructure, design, and layout should be uploaded to attract clients from those videos. It makes advertisements appealing and graceful. These online marketing tools help the organisation to form more sales revenue. Additionally, organisations also make their websites creative and fascinating to attract customer force.

Pros and cons of (Radio Advertising)


  • It helps to target the maximum audience. Different radio stations have their styles to promote the company's advertisements, which help lure customers in large numbers. TUI needs to create an advertisement based on customers like families, teenagers etc., as it aids to get more sales.
  • It gives less expense to the company and more customer reach.
  • The radio ad is very fast and quick as compared to television ads.


  • The company needs to give ads frequently; otherwise, less repetition may fall the customer attraction.

Pros and cons of Online Advertising


  • Cost-effective as compared to other promotional tools and higher customer pool.]
  • It helps the company to track the record of customers towards the organisation.
  • The instant gratification of clients and easy booking online.


  • Online advertising contains high competition and choices from which sometimes companies get confused. On the other side, online advertising sometimes is not safe and secure.

Online advertising is the best promotional plan that helps influence the goods and services of the company profit, for example. Therefore, TUI adopts social media platforms to enhance the awareness of the TUI services.

Cross-promotion involves the association of joint activity to empower deals made by a few organisations. Regarding web-based business, this strategy identifies with the advancement of a brand or an item on the accomplice side.

To make a cross-advancement powerful, organisations should:

  • have a typical target group of onlookers;
  • work in a similar value fragment;
  • not contend with each other;
  • have a similar enthusiasm for dynamic deals.

One of the cases of cross-advancements is a joint publicising of the Visa and MasterCard organisations of charge, credit, and reward cards.

What are the significant advantages this strategy conveys to organisations?


  • The Opportunity to Cut Costs: As per this strategy, organisations advance items or administrations by joining their publicising spending plans. In this way, they can spare around half of the cash in any event.
  • Extending Customer Base Cross-advancement enables organisations to be twofold the number of potential purchasers. As for this situation, accomplices prescribe each other to their clients.
  • Quickened Market Penetration Cross-advancement is a perfect alternative for new businesses, as the collaboration with understood firms encourages them to win clients' trust.

With the advantages of this technique come its expenses.


Cross-advancement Can Be not Equally Beneficial: Cross-advancement may infer an organisation on commonly useful terms, or it may not. Utilising this technique may well imply that you are excessively centred around advancing another person's items while dismissing your advantages. Thus, recollect forgetting that cross-advancement should bring advantages to the two gatherings and plan your limited time exercises appropriately.


A. Design, layout and operational functioning influence the sales revenue.

Design is the feature that gives the company's first image to the customers. Good design gives more attraction to buyers(Keiser, Garner and Vandermar, 2017). It makes services more productive and creative. TUI needs to use attractive strategies for making its infrastructure, advertisement and product design. It helps to make more customer attraction towards the company. It also helps to retain the clients for a long time. It is a streamlined process that increases the sales revenue of TUI company.

Additionally, design is an essential feature to develop new services and products in the market. TUI needs to use digital concepts to make its designs more graceful. TUI is a tourism company that needs to make changes constantly in designs.

Moreover, if the design is not up to the mark, the customer will not purchase the product and services. On the other side, the company layout describes the company to the client when using those services. The layout means in which company contain their plans, services, management plans. TUI needs to make systematic plans and ideas to enhance the sales revenue; otherwise, the company may fall their sales due to having a lack of systematic plans. Therefore, TUI needs to maintain its development plans more effectively to make its layout systematically. The organisation layout describes the company image and its effective function. If their plans are not very effective, the client will not want to come again(Lanz and Carmichael, 2015). This happens to fall the organisation's sales revenue, on the other side operational functions. It is the most important part of the company that manages the day-to-day activities properly. TUI is a tour and tourism company that needs proper planning and implementation. It involves employees contribution; the operational functioning of the organisation has to be good and effective; otherwise, clients not get satisfied with the company. Like in TUI, it is the responsibility of the tour operator to manage the customer needs and wants according to their choice. Otherwise, a negative impact on clients may decrease the company's sales revenue.

Operational functioning is the internal function that the employees do. It is necessary to implement the activities correctly so that company helps to achieve high revenue. Operational activities also help to enhance the company image in the market. On the other side, ineffective operations may increase the company's cost, which is not good for the sales revenue. Low operational functions may decrease services quality, which affects the overall sales(Ramsay Wagner and Kelly, 2013). To attract customers' attraction, TUI needs to maintain its operational functions. They need to motivate their employees for better performance and try to give more dedication power towards the company growth. Overall activities depend on the operational departments, which helps measure the sales revenue. In the hospitality industry, high competition is involved, which creates pressure on the companies. TUI needs to adopt new business plans and ideas to maintain its operational activities properly and better than others. High competition levels increase the pressure among the employees, which affects the company's performance.

Positive factors:

  • The attractive layout and designs of the TUI help to attract more customer pool.
  • Company layout and design help enhance the clients' faith and trust, which helps maintain the long-term relation(Solomon, Russell-Bennett and Previte, 2013).
  • Effective design and layout of the company help enhance the organisation's image in the market.
  • Effective operational functions increase the effective working, which helps to enhance the sales revenue. Hard-working employees make operations smoothly and increase the quality of work. This increases the sales revenue.

Negative Factors:

  • Less impressive designs and operational functions give less number of customers.
  • It affects the company's performance level, which decreases the customers' satisfaction.
  • Due to a lack of coordination, operational activities will not go smoothly and systematically. This affects the sales revenue badly.

B. Measure the Personal selling techniques

Personal selling techniques are the most effective tool of marketing behaviour. These techniques connect the customer directly to the company. It involves face to face selling or many more(Witt and Rao, 2015). These techniques help customers to understand better to the company. It helps customers to get more comfortable with the company. This personal selling gives a chance to the salesperson to use his skills and talent to attract the customers' attraction and faith. It also helps to analyse the Client needs and wants so that TUI can easily give services accordingly. These techniques also give a chance to the customer to ask anything to the salesperson directly. On the other side, it is the responsibility of the salesperson to address all the queries of the clients. Some personal selling techniques help TUI to attract client attention given below:

  • Discount techniques: It is the most effective personal selling technique to attract clients to the company. It provides flexibility in prices that salespeople can offer to the customers. TUI adopts this personal selling technique to enhance the company's sales revenue.
  • Improving customer and market feedback: It is the most effective personal selling when salespeople adopt feedback strategies by taking feedback from their current clients(Personal Selling Strategies., 2017). It helps the company launch new services based on current needs and wants.
  • Customer relationship: Maintaining the relationship with the customers may increase the customer faith and trust towards the company. Personal selling techniques focus on their customer's satisfaction which comes from better services. TUI adopts these techniques to enhance its sales revenue. It helps the company make new products and plans, Which creates more competition in the market. TUI needs to adopt these selling techniques to measure more customer accounts(Zhurkina, Ukhanova and Nikishin, 2015).
  • Targeted to different types of customers: TUI needs to identify their target group to increase their selling. This technique of personal selling helps to reach the customer directly.

C. Propose a sales training programme and key principles.

The sales training programme is the process in which the company gives training to the salesperson who directly approaches the customers and fulfils their needs and wants. It is an action that creates long term sales performance that can be seen in a salesperson. There are some selling principles given below:

  • Attention: TUI needs to adopt this principle to maintain its image in the market. This principle explains that a salesperson needs to be attentive towards the customer requirement.
  • Desire: Desire is the element for which customers get the services. TUI salesperson needs to the full fill the desire of the customer(Armstrong, Kotler, Harker, and Brennan, 2015).


From the above report, it concludes the sales development is merchandising. It also concludes the internal and external merchandising material list. Apart from this, the selling promotional activities are important to enhance the sales of the TUI company. TUI needs to adopt personal selling techniques to increase the trust and faith among customers by adopting Selling principles.


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