Strategic Human Resource Management Assignment Sample

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Introduction of Strategic Human Resource Management Assignment

Task 1: Presentation

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1. Introduction

  • Recruiting new employees
  • creating the policies
  • creating training schemes

Human resource management is a strategic approach that helps any business gain advantages in many fields. The main functions of the management of human resources are recruiting new employees, creating the organizations' policies, creating training schemes for the employees, and managing the employees' relationship with the hierarchy.

2 Importance of Human resources

  • Motivate and facilitate employees
  • Encourages meeting goals (Stone et al. 2020)
  • Encourages grow career

Management of human resources is the part of the business which ensures the quantity and quality of employees in the workplace. It also helps create the opportunity to motivate and facilitate individuals or groups of employees to prosper and grow their careers. Human resource also helps employees work hard and encourages them to meet their goal in life, which influences productivity in the case of an organization. Human resources perform training for the employees, which helps to keep the employees updated. Human resources also identify whether the company has the required number of employees and performs the recruitment process.

3 Human Resource strategy

  • Bargain Laborer
  • Loyal soldier (Michael, 2019)
  • Committed Expert

A human resource strategy is a long-term plan that dictates human resources practices. Strategies for human resources should include bargain laborers, which means emphasizing efficiency in buying the talent of the employees. Loyal soldier efficiency will be on the pattern of making employees' talent. Distinctiveness emphasizes the pattern of making the talent of the employees. Employee performance, project history, education, and resume should be assessed for selection; those are the strategies of human resources.

4 Factors before the HR policy

  • Regulations and Laws
  • Consult with the senior management (Boon et al., 2019)
  • Diversity of workplace

Before introducing the new Human resource policies, some factors must be considered. Regulation and laws are the first factors because every nation or state has its own rules to treat the employees inside the workplace. Compliance with all those laws is very important. No document can be prepared without consulting with the senior management. Senior management is the part where the best ideas come from, so it is important to discuss with them and take their recommendations. The diversity of the workplaces needs to be explained before designing any policy for human resources. One needs to be aware of the organization's diversity and should consider it before drafting the policies.

5 Factors to enable employee motivation

  • Recognition and reward
  • Good work environment (Strohmeier, 2020)
  • Balance of work-life

Some factors that are needed to enable the motivation of the employees and increase loyalty which can turn and reduce the high turnover which can be recognized for good performance in work and accompanied with rewarding will be small gestures but an effective one. Exceptional work always deserves a reward, while in some cases, recognition is enough to help motivate the employees. Motivated employees always look for a positive and good work environment. Employees need open spaces for better work which stimulates all the senses. Providing an excellent balance of work-life nurtures employees. Motivated and balanced work-life employees are less sick, reducing the other leaves.

6. Conclusion

  • An important department
  • Encourage employees to work more
  • Adequate employee numbers

Management of human resources is an important department for all organizations. It helps to increase the motivation of the employees and encourages them to work harder to achieve their goals in life. It also helps recruit the employees and overview the adequate employee numbers in the organization. Overall, an important part of the organization is managing human resources.

Task 1: Report

1. Introduction

Management of human resources is an approach that helps any organization build a strong bond between the hierarchy and employees. This management post helps to determine the employee's ability and working efficiency. Human resource also helps in the recruitment process of employees.

2. Importance of Human resources

Management of human resources helps to gain the quality and quantity of the employees in the workplace. This presentation has discussed the importance of human resources by analyzing human resource management, creating motivation, and giving facilities to the employees in different fields (Strohmeier, 2020). This presentation has also mentioned encouraging the employees to meet their goals in their life as well as in their workplaces. Management of human resources also helps to encourage the employees to achieve the long-distance goal and grow their careers which directly influence the organization

3. Human Resource strategy

Strategies in human resources could change employment commitment and loyalty. Smen strategies that are mentioned in the presentation that are helping the human resources development are bargain laborers which mean the emphasis on efficiency on the pattern of buying the talent of the employees (Boon et al. 2019). The next strategy must be mentioned is the loyal soldier's efficiency will be on the pattern of making the talent of employees. Distinctiveness emphasizes which is dependent on the pattern of making the talent of the employees. Performance of the employees, resume, and the qualification of the employees are needed to give observation.

4. Factors before the HR policy

Human resource policies are mandatory for any organization but it is important that some factors are needed to be considered before the policies are created. First to be mentioned in the regulations and laws that every nation or state owns mandatory rules. Those rules are compulsory to follow on the behalf of the Government and employees (Hamouche, 2021) Before creating the human resources policies it is mandatory to discuss the factors and new policies with the senior manager because they are the original brain of the company so it is important to take their recommendation. Lastly, diversity in the workplace is needed to be well-conditioned.

5. Factors to enable employee motivation

To enable the motivation and loyalty of the employees it is important some factors should be considered. Such as recognition of the deserving employees with rewards or applauding will create a greater chance for the employees. Employees will be more motivated and there will be fewer sick off days in the employee diary. Sometimes only recognition will be an effective change for the employees (Collins, 2021). Creating a good working environment for the employees inside the working place is a motivating step for the company. Balanced work life is very much effective on the side of the employees and it will also be profitable for the company.

6. Conclusion

Management of human resources is a very important department for every company whether it is a small or big company. This department helps in many criteria and most of all this department helps to motivate the employees which enable a long employee living in the company.

Task 2: Report

1. Introduction

Management of human resources is the department that helps to create some effective approaches to gain advantages for the company or organization. This department helps the company in many fields such as in the recruiting of employees and selection of the employees, always keeping an eye on whether there are adequate numbers of employees or not. This department helps to keep all the employees for a long employee life at the company. It is so designated to maximize the performance of the employees in service which is preferred to the strategic objectives of the employee.

2. 5-year strategic HR plan

Strategic intervention HR plan that will help to put the organization ahead of the competition in the market locally as well as globally. This plan will provide information about all the services that will be provided and will be undertaken for current and future work (Anwar et al. 2021). Development of the five-year plan will collaborate involving the stakeholders and employees including the department of customs. A strategic plan for five years should include identification of the future that the organization needs, consideration of the capabilities of present HR. The next step should identify the gaps between present capabilities and future needs. Strategies gap should be formulated. Lastly, sharing and monitoring of the plan are needed (Yong et al. 2020). The key focusing areas for the five years will be included:

Driving HR innovation and excellence: Operation of HR innovation and excellence leads to the success of the moves and outcomes of the organization by leveraging the HR technology. This remains a steward of finance. HR innovation is in the field of new policies that should ve on the behalf of the employees as well as the higher authority (Ngoc Su et al. 2021). Innovation in the field of finding out the talent in the employees and making it work for the organization. Driving HR excellence in the case of building a strong work environment.

Deploying recruitment: Recruitment will be on the basis of the educational qualification and skills that will enhance the requirement of the organization. It will include the development of skills and also include the experience of the candidates (Mousa et al. 2020). Arrangement of the recruitment process will be on the field only and the HR department will help to deploy the recruitment process and selection process.

Established retention strategies: Establishing the strategies of retention by including the communication and marketing division to attract and diverse the individual towards the organizations (Trullen et al. 2020 ). This will help to attract more candidates to the organization and will be benefited the company. 

Investing in the development of the employees:

In the success management program arrangement, it should be included about investing on the behalf of the employees. There is a need for investing to develop the employee's strength and motivation. To keep the reinforcements hard is mandatory by the organization (Saeed et al. 2019). The program should include the strategy named "growing our own". Investing in the recognitions and awarding to the employees will help to grow motivation in the employees and in the section of incentive will help to grow strong bonds towards the company. So it is very important to invest in developing the employment bond.

Enhancing the experience of the employees:

Employee engagement through cultural activity and wellness, inclusion, and diversity will lead to the overall well-being of the employees. It also leads to the retention and productivity of the employee experience (Hamouche, 2021). Enhancing the experience of the employee will be much helpful for the organization and reduce the expense of the training.

The five-year plan aligns with the company's requirements and vision which especially contributes to the development of the organization. 

3. Impact of existing culture and structure over new HR policy

There are many impacts of the existing culture and structure of the organization on the success of new policy initiatives. Accurate selection of the employees has been never more important to the success of the organization.

3.1 Choosing Right Candidate

 Organizations need well-qualified staff who can operate the environment of the workplace with efficiency. Pre-existing culture and structure of the organization were not so efficient in the selection of the right candidate (Stone et al. 2020). Hiring any wrong candidate will affect the job. Expense and time associated with the agency fees, advertising, interviewing candidates, and then finding the wrong person for the job will become costly for the organization so the new HR policy has improved the plan over the existing plan. 

3.2 Motivating the employees

Motivation for the fitting of the job which is the responsibility and activities of the particular job was missing in the existing plan of structure and culture but the new HR policy has given special emphasis which will be helpful in the field of motivating the employees. Employee motivation is an important topic regarding the management of human resources because once the employees are motivated to the job then only they will be attracted to the job and give their full effort to the job and then there will be development in the organization (Collins, 2021). Otherwise, it will be hard to achieve any goal for the company and also hard to grow. The motivation of the employees will directly lead to loyalty to the employees.

3.3 Using Online Tools

Use some important tools such as "Realistic Job Preview" and "Day in the life profile" to help the self-screening of the applicants. These applications ensure the employees better understand all the dynamics of any particular job. Those applications also help the organizations to make early decisions about the suitability of the position. Many applicants use the applications to self-screening themselves for the recruitment process (Boon et al. 2019). In the existing structure of the company, there was no new tool included. All depended on the manual processes u the new HP policy has mange to serve new tools with its applications of it. Other different official tools are also introduced to the employees for their work purposes.

3.4 Innovation

In the existing culture, there was written about the innovation in the development structure which can help to improve the process starting from the recruitment to the growth of the company but all of these were ineffective in the last five years of the company. Current proposed plan of HR will be very much helpful and it is a little bit the same as the previous plan but with an improved version of plan and this current plan will be enforced as soon as possible (Strohmeier, 2020). Precise applicable knowledge and information will be attached to the plan so that every employee can perform their duties efficiently and with knowledge of good and bad for the post. Improvement in productivity will lead to the commitment of employees as norms, objectives, and values to help in improving the culture of the organization.

4 Development of a strategy to support the organization's mission

4.1 Development of a leadership strategy

Developing the leadership strategy to support the development of the mission, vision, and goal of the organization by standing always with the mission of the organization. In order to embrace the employees about the values of the company, they must take it as action from the hand of the executive of the company (Cross et al. 2022). Management of HR must play the main role to walk with the talk to ensure that other members of the company must follow. Company HR must be dedicated to delivering products with innovation to help other people. Hr management should encourage an environment that will reflect the goal of the organization.

 It is one of the most effective ways to enable a mission-centric office by establishing a democratic culture in which one will practice only what he or she has preached no matter the job title. The workplace may organize parties, events, and programs to focus on employee satisfaction (Yong et al. 2020). A happy and healthy employee is much better than a sad and unfocused one. In keeping the values of the company HR management promotes activities to celebrate a healthy life and fitness goals which encourage teamwork.

4.2 Monitoring of a leadership strategy

There are some keys that help to monitor the goals with some easy steps, those steps are: 1. Confirm the objective with the key actions which are prioritizing, 2.Creating checkpoints to enable accountability, 3. Assessment of whether the goals are met or not, 4. Diagnose the problems and then adjust the course. To reach the monitoring goal it is important to confirm the objectives and all the prioritizing key actions (Troth et al. 2020). Practices that are monitoring can be intimidating, especially difficult and multifaceted to quantify as the development of leadership. Monitoring the problem to knock down the problem in a manageable size, begins by comprehensively and clearly possible which is actually want to achieve. Reaching the target may help to organize the thinking.

Next step is to create checkpoints for enabling accountability. Plans fail due to not following the proper procedure. The organization is required to create individual checkpoints to make sure compliance with proper actions. Generally, the senior team of leadership tries not to meet annually to discuss the organizational leadership development priorities and needs (Kim et al. 2019). There is a need for the assessment of whether the specified goal for the organization is met or not. There is acutely no right way to judge or monitor the progress but there are probably ways to take the reviews of actions and institute the program then build the leadership pipeline and later gather all the feedback on the result.

It is possible that the status of the pipeline will be changed but it will take severa; years to understand the whole development goals. The fourth step is to diagnose the problem and then adjust the course. Leadership development can always be improved but in one day one can not assess all the things (Molina-Azorin et al. 2021). So to find the starting point always start with the identified trouble spot. If one finds the problem spot in the leadership roles then these need to develop with depth analysis.

4.3 Evaluating a leadership strategy

Few steps that can help a leader improve their performance in the organization role. Those steps may include 1. Creating feedback opportunities, 2. Make available time for self reflection, and 3. Checking the clarity of the vision. When leaders avail the feedback process it helps the employees to show their thinking and let the leaders aware of the facts that they need improvement in which field. It is very important that the leaders should spend time by themself to make good reflections (Vincent et al. 2020). Reflection helps to untangle the chaotic thought inside the brain. This helps the leaders to obtain a more problem-solving attitude and things become clear. Another way to utilize the leadership value is to make clarity of the vision. This will help the team to understand the vision of the company. A vision of an organization is very important because it shares the required direction of the team where to head and when everything. So evaluation of leadership strategy is one of the mandatory points for human resource management.

5. Summary

This report about the management of human resources stated the details about the topic. With a brief introduction, this report established a perfect structure of the organizational HR values. Five years strategy plan for the organization is stated in details and the strategic plans are also described with efficient knowledge. The impact of the existing structure and culture over the new HR plans are established in this report work. All the different impacts are described with sufficient study. Development, monitoring and evaluation of a leadership strategy with respect to the mission, vision and objective of the organization has been stated with organizational values. Values of the HR strategies are objectified in the whole report which is one of the main content of the work. This report work established a relationship with the development of new HR strategies with focusing on the policies.


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