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Introduction Of Human Resource Management

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The Human Resource Management has the responsibility to hire the best employees from thousands of applicants. The organization provides training facilities and motivates the employees in order to retain the employees for a longer duration of time. The report highlights the practices of human resource management of Tesco. The human resource department facilitates various policies for the development of the skills of the employees. The major aim of the HRM to maximize the value of the organization and increase the shares of the company. The human resource department contributes greatly to create values among the employees which will be reflected in the performance of the organization.

LO1. Explain the purpose and opportunity of Human Resource Management in terms of resourcing a corporation with the ability and knowledge appropriate to fulfil the objectives of business

Purpose and Role of Human Resource Management in place of work for planning and resourcing

Company’s introduction

Tesco Plc is a British cosmopolitan groceries and a universal merchandise vendor shop and it’s headquarter is in Welwyn Garden City, England. This grocery shop is the third largest vender shop in the world in terms of gross profit and ninth largest retailer shop in the world in terms of profit making (Wilkinsonand Dundon, 2021). The Tesco Plc is having their shops or franchise in five countries across Europe. Along with it, it is the leader in the market of groceries in entire UK.

Purpose of Human Resource Management (HRM)

The HRM of the corporation have to follow some of the actions which is built on the purposes. The purposes are as follows-

  • The HRM department promises of giving a good amenities to their staff so that they can do their work comfortably and help to achieve corporation’s aim. They offers a facility to train their staff so that the can change their corporation’s surrounding. The staffs are considered as the most crucial resource for the corporation, so they have to be managed correctly (Palguna, 2021). Otherwise the staffs will be able to help or take part for the increment of revenue of the corporation.
  • There are some rules and regulations which the corporation have to maintain properly. The HRM department of the corporation is much focused for the recognition of the space amongst present rules and regulation and the corporation’s work with the human resource(Greer, 2021). There are some of the rules is been made for the protection of the rights of human resource. Likewise- Refinement of Age Act in 1967, Equal Pay Act of 1963 etc.
  • The HRM department find out the way for the increment of the staff’s present stage of knowledge by offering them proper care and maintenance. The corporation considers that a good communication amongst employees and managers can be created then the issues which is facing by the employees can be sort out (Opatha, 2021). The correct feedback will be passed to the headquarter and the related solutions can be made with it. The entire work which is done by the staff is actually helps the corporation to get their aim.
  • If the correct communication can be maintained in the corporation, then the space amongst the employees can be removed quickly.

The functions of HRM in Tesco Plc

  1. a) Choice and enrolment- The Corporation’s HRM is liable for the enrolment of new staff. The manager of Tesco enrolled knowledgeable staffs to fetch effectiveness in the corporation. This is way by which the corporation can create a good and knowledgeable army (Das et al., 2021). Although with the help of the talented team, the corporation will get their goal quickly and easily.
  2. b) Training and progress- The HRM department of Tesco creates many training and progressive sessions for the staff to get their skills and capabilities. Likewise- The manager offers training session to their staff so that they can polish their knowledge. By this way, they can create an effective environment in the corporation (Rai et al., 2021). Although, the polishes knowledge of the staff will facilitates the corporation to increase their profit margin by offering good quality of goods and services to their customers as well.

Defining the HRM’s functions which are comfortable for the talent and knowledge to meet with the objectives of Tesco Plc

Tesco’s objectives

1) To offer good services to the consumers

2) To enrol knowledgeable staffs to maintain the effectiveness of the corporation

3) To increase the base of consumers in 2 years.

The HRM department of Tesco increase all the activities to get their corporation’s aim. They increase their accurate method of interview to choose the best participant for the empty post of job (Widdowson and Barbour, 2021). By this way, they can increase better skill and aptitude in the corporation to preserve the effectiveness of the corporation. Although, the HR department of Tesco provides an accurate training session to their employees to improve their talent. With this better talent of staff, they can offer best services to their consumers.

Defining the impact of powers and weaknesses of different methods for the employment and selection method

A corporation can follow many ways for the method of employment and selection (Wu and Chen, 2021). At that time, the employment and selection method is having some powers or strength and weaknesses which is discussed below-

Employment or Recruitment

The managers of the HR department in Tesco creates some accurate definition of task which will be available in many social platform to attain the devotion of the talented staff. With the help of this, the corporation can hire more skilled staffs in their corporation (Lee et al., 2021).

Method of recruitment

  1. Promotion of Job- This is the very basic method of enrolment. In this method, the HR manager will create job provisions and do promotion of the empty post (Zafar and Mohammad, 2021). For the advertisement, they normally prefer newspaper.

Strength or power-

  1. i) This is very traditional method of enrolment. The interviewer of the corporation monitor this method because it offers many options to recognize the talent and skills of the participant.
  2. ii) In this aspect, the manager have to design proper job description after that they will send for promotion in offline and also online media to fascinate the participants. Although, recruitment of new staffs for the empty place will be easier through this method.


  1. i) This is quite extensive and intricate method, and it will take more time. The manager have to design proper job description and after the publication through various platform to motivate new skills. This method will take quite a long time to implement.
  2. ii) This method is quite expensive because it publishes in various platform which will take more investment by which the expense will be increases.
  3. Talent pool folder- In this method, the participant’s data is saved in the corporation’s folder and the manager will use that for further enrolment (Chien, 2021).

Strength and power-

  1. i) This aspect decrease the expense of enrolment. In this the interviewer will go up with the data of the participant from this existed folder. Although the price of advertisement will be saved.
  2. ii) By this method they can save their time. In this method, the interviewer use the data from their folder and will not waste their time for inspection of the new participant’s data. Although, they can save their priceless time with the help of this process.


In this method, the performer have to wait for the selection. However, the performer is having a great opportunity to be selection in another job. By this the corporation can find new staffs for their job role.


The HRM department of Tesco uses various instrument, like both the private interview and online process of selection, to enrol talented staff. With the help of this method, the manager can spend minimum time to offer training to talented staffs (Donnell et al., 2021).

Method of selection

  1. Online process of selection- In this method, the HR manager admit the online request of the participant and they will be short-listed as per their talent and experience (Giblin et al., 2021). The method of online conference which is followed by the HR manager to choose the effective participant.

Strength or power-

  1. i) This aspect takes very minimum time for choosing of participants. The interviewer will send the place of job with the access of internet at that time.
  2. ii) The method of online process needs minimum price than the outdated aspect of selection. In this method of choice, the corporation have to employ more on promotion, travelling, payment to the third party and others. Although, in online process, they can only thinking for the software or the place of communal media to choose the correct participant.


  1. i) The probability of scam will be more by this method. It is a very reliable method and anybody can relate by online method. Although, the fraud participant will also misapplicant this method as well.
  2. ii) The chances of miscommunication can improved when they doing online process. The interviewer will not be able to interact properly with the participant in this method. Although they will not be able to recognize the correct participant’s capabilities.
  3. Private interview- This is the utmost process for choosing of the correct participant for the empty post of job (Petruzziello et al., 2021). In this method, the recruiter will increase the face to face contact with their participants to now the talent ad capabilities.

Power or strength:

  1. i) The talent and knowledge of the participant can be normally recognized by this method. This method is indulged with face to face communication. Although the interviewers will be able to now the powers and weakness of the participant.
  2. ii) The interview will correctly communicate with the participant, and by this method they can easily know the knowledge which the participant is having.


  1. i) The method of recruitment happens separately for all the participants, by which they needs more time.
  2. ii) This method is very broad and costly too to execute. Likewise, this method will increase the expense of the corporation because for the recruitment the interviews have to travel and the price of advertisement will be needed.


LO2: The evaluation of effectiveness and the major elements of the HRM practice in Tesco Plc.

The various benefits of different HRM Practices

The various benefits of HRM practices within Tesco are mentioned below:

Solution of the conflict: Conflicts always arises within a business organization and the various practices. It is the responsibility of the HRM of the organization to reduce the potential conflict established within the employees (Williamsand You, 2021). It can be understood with an example that the human resource department of Tesco will be compensated with the use of certain objective so that a conflict arise with the organization can be compensated and the risk can be minimized.

Turnover of the employees: It is important to reduce the turnover of the employees. Thus, the organization follows certain policies in order to reduce the turnover of the employees by providing them support and care. It is believed that if the turnover of the employees is higher it will increase the cost of the organization for the hiring and training process which will eventually reduce the performance of the organization.

Performance of the employees: It is also important to improve the performance of the employees in the best possible manner. The performance of the employees plays a vital role to add competitive advantage to the organization. Tesco provides training to the employees and the feedback from the customers and other fellow employees eventually boosts the performance of the employees.

Control the budget: The human resource management also creates certain policies that will help to control the budget of the organization. The budget of Tesco is mainly depended upon the employees working in the organization. The employees are provided with better facilities so that they will use the resources effectively.

The effectiveness of various HRM Practices in order to raise organizations Profitability and Productivity

The various methods used by Tesco in order to raise the productivity and profitability of the organization and its effectiveness in various HRM practices are mentioned below:

  • Tesco provides training to their employees and support their workforce in various ways so as to boost the performance of the employees and they can perform effectively in their respective jobs. They also use simulation training method with the use of sophisticated tools (Anwar and Abdullah, 2021). The company finds new ways to increase the productivity of the organization and boost performance of the employees.
  • Tesco provides a variety of compensation benefits to their employees in order to retain them in the organization for a longer period of time. It will help to reduce the cost of hiring process and the training facilities. It will minimize the cost of the organization which will be reflected in the profit with a minimized cost plan.
  • The human resources management of the organization sets an individual goal to their employees and the team members. The compensation packages that are provided to each of the team members are mainly updated from time to time based upon the current scenario of the organization. The employees working in the organization feel motivated and work hard taking the training program seriously.
  • The human resource management of Tesco also manages and organize the employees in an enhancing manner and boost to develop relationship with the employees. This will help the organization as they can share ideas with one another and this will create an opportunity that will help to increase their knowledge based upon their respective field.


LO3: Analyzation of internal as well as external factors that can affect Human Resource Management in decision making process as well as employment legislation

The importance of Employees Relation that can influence the Decision-Making process of HRM

It is important to maintain effective relation with the employees in Tesco as they are the final executor of all plans of management. However, it is important for the HR management to connect with the employees before implementing any final decision so as to make the decision effective and successful in its execution. It is important to develop an effective trust and care between the employees and the employer to make the management decision successful. The employee will also feel motivated when they are engaged in the decision-making process and they will be able to execute the plan effectively.

It is important to create a proper balance between the employee and the employer in order to maintain common understanding and support which is a complicated task. Therefore, it is important for the employer to make extra effort and care to create establish relation between the employees (Wang and Seifert, 2021). The HRM policies become ultimately successful when a good relation has been established with the organization. Tesco has created various HR policies in order to remain competitive with other organization of UK.

As there are various issues within the workforce because of the complex problems, the management has to focus upon these issues and try to resolve them. The employees working in the organization came from diverse background it is therefore obvious that conflict will arise in the organization because of miscommunication and other diverse problems. The management has to focus upon these areas in order to solve the conflict arising between them and develop peaceful environment.

Employment Legislation and its impact upon HRM decision making process

There are various laws that are designed by the government for the common employees so as to make them the part of the organization in an effective manner and this will help contribute them by providing services to the organization. All these laws prove to be an effective tool for the selection process of the employees. Tesco also abides all these laws and follows the regulation of the government effectively in the decision-making process of the organization. Some of these laws are:

Equal Pay Act 1963: The Equal Pay Act of 1963 is a labour law of fair distribution of wages that aims to abolish the disparity of wage based upon sex. It protects both men and women from any kind of discrimination. The Act made it illegal to pay it unequally to men and women for a similar job.

Privacy Act 1974: The Privacy Act 1974 establishes the code of fair information practices for the collection and maintenance of information about an individual in a system. The privacy act prohibits the sharing of information about any individual to others with the written consent of the particular person. The act also prohibits to make any amendment and seek access to the information.

Sex Discrimination Act 1995: The sex discrimination act states that all individuals are equal before the eyes of law and thus equal protection and benefits must be provided to each individual without discriminating against their sex, their marital status, the pregnant condition or any other potential pregnancy (Raudla and Douglas, 2021).

The major aspect of employees’ management of relationship and the legislation that can affect the decision-making process of HRM

The relationship with the employees plays an important role in the decision-making process of Tesco. The HR managers creates good relationship with the employees in order to create engagement and develop open communication with the employees of the organization.

Tesco follows all these laws in the decision-making process of the HR policies. There are various other order from the provincial government to the HR management in order to recruit people from underdeveloped areas as well. Thus, Tesco implements all these guidelines while recruiting any new employees.


LO 4. Application of HRM Practices for work

The consequences of HRM method in work related context

The methods of HRM plays a very important role in upgrading of the performances of the corporation (Zhang and Edgar, 2021). In this, the enrolment for the place of Marketing Manager which is be done in Tesco. The further objectives is discussed below-

Request for the role of marketing manager is Tesco

Designation of job: Marketing Manager

Description of job- In Tesco, they are looking for a flexible marketing manager. The manager should have some knowledge regarding the work and fascinated for work. The work of marketing is to know more people and also create alertness and also having proper information regarding the goods and services (Whitehead and Bistrova, 2021). The participant must have the ability to create strategy, include some wants which has to be changed within the time.

Duties of the job

  1. The participant have to manage all the activities which is connected to marketing.
  2. Meeting up with the limit and also observe the increment in the volume of sales of the goods.
  3. As per the surrounding the corporation have to produce those goods.
  4. The have to create good relations with the suppliers






Contact No:

Email ID:

Summary: In marketing section I have six years of knowledge. I am capable enough to manage the team and work pressure.

Working Knowledge: I have a working knowledge of2 years in ASDA as a marketing head. Along with it, I have 4 years of marketing representative knowledge in Flipkart as well.

Education: I have a bachelor degree in marketing from Oxford University. I have MBA course as well.

Hobbies: Books reading, travelling to different places.

Date: Signature:


Student’s Name



Name of the authority

Name of the organization


City/ Pin code

Respected Sir/ Madam

I beg to state that I am interested in the position for the role of a marketing manager in your organization as I feel myself to be the best suitable candidate for the job based upon my experience and efficiency. I have been in the field of marketing for more than five years and I have acquired good skill of management and always act as a good team player. I have completed my work on time and have the experience to work in pressure.

Moreover, I would like to draw your kind attention on the fact that I have great skill to adapt myself in the best possible ways according to the situation.

Communication: I have a great communication skill with strong set of personality. I am able to portrait my view clearly with transparency in front of my team.

Leadership: I have already established myself as a leader with efficient management skill and delivered effective result. My listening skill and my able skill to understand the future outcome of any action helps me to deliver effective performance.

So, with due respect and humble submission I would request you to kindly refer to my attach CV for more detailed information of mine. I am looking forward for your positive response and work with your organization in the future.

Your sincerely.



Interview selection process

The interview is all about to take creative, talented and knowledgeable person who is having the capability to do the job perfectly.

Note of Interview Preparatory

The interview will be conducted in three stages. Firstly, there will be a normal interview and after that there will be a group discussion and a practical exam (Baril et al., 2021). After that the interviewer and the head authority will select the participant.

A rational justification for the application of accurate methods of HRM in a work environment

The manager of Tesco have applied the above HRM methods to enrol the correct participant. The create the job description with properly involved the duties for the job. The CV of the participant is properly reviewed by the interviewer to match the knowledge of the participant with the job (Ghazi, et al., 2021). Along with it, the recruiter increase the preparatory note to do the method of interview properly. The job letter will be offered to the talented participant to hire for the job. Although, the offer letter is having all the information about the post of the job.



The human resource department plays an important to boost the productivity of the organization. It helps to identify the best employees among thousands of applicants. It provides necessary training and motivation to boost the employees and retain them for a longer period of time. The report highlights the management practice of Tesco and the various policies that are widely used in the management of the organization. The various aspects of the human resource department have been analysed. The human resource management also contributes a lot to increase the value generation capacity of the employees so that the employees in return can help the organization in create value.


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