Unit 3 - Human Resource Management Assignment Sample

HR functions, responsibilities, and strategies for workforce planning, recruitment, training, and performance management at Tesco.

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Unit 3 - Human Resource Management Assignment


The importance of the HR department exists in various fields as the particular department helps to keep all the employees healthy, safe, and satisfied. HR management plays one of the most significant roles in the recruitment, selection of proper talents by which a company’s business objectives can be achieved effectively. It can be said that if an organization has proper HR management, the organization can grow in terms of workplace policies and also help to keep up with the protective measures which is a necessity. A proper HR management can solve any issues between the management and team members and therefore the organization can minimize the chance of getting affected. In this study, the main function, key roles and responsibilities and impact of the HR management in reaching the objectives of the business organisation is to be discussed.

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Part 1: Human Resources Employee Induction Manual

1. Introduction to the organization Tesco, its mission, purpose, and the core objectives of businesses

The mission statement of TESCO:

The mission statement of the organization TESCO is “We make what matters better, together” and the statement refers to the importance of everyone who is connected with the organization (Tesco-careers.com, 2023). TESCO gives all the credit behind the success of the organization to the customers, employees, suppliers, and all stakeholders. They create a particular environment where everyone has the power to achieve according to their potential and as a result of all these the organization grows positively.

It can be said that TESCO is only about shopping but also it gives some another level of experience through the company acknowledgment that makes sure that everyone is getting help even how small the need is (Azan and Karimah, 2022). TESCO has another plan that is called the “heart of the little helps plans” and through this mission, the organization is trying to reach out to every community and the colleagues they are working with. The plan stands by the three pillars which are people, products, and places. TESCO has taken a commitment to make the world a better place for the future generation and they are going to execute their plan by the above-mentioned three pillars.

The purpose of TESCO:

The core purpose of the company refers to the service of good products and only to the customer but also to the whole community and the planet as well. TESCO tries to make the planet the best place to live and they always keep customers in their hearts (Adamyk, 2019). Everything the organization does begins with the customer as well as finishes with them also. They understand the needs of the customer and take steps accordingly. As TESCO is a group, they have their store in different countries and a wide range of people are their customers. The organization connects with its customers through mobile, banking, and supplier clients.

TESCO plays an important role to serve the community as they serve more than thousands of communities (Tesco-careers.com, 2023). They serve in different ways to give the community a better lifestyle such as giving good jobs so that they can be financially independent. Besides all this, they also help the local supplies by including them in their supply chain. TESCO also helps local causes through the programs of the community. TESCO observes whether they are moving towards sustainability or not and makes it part of the core business. The organization tries to work across its own operations. They are also trying to reduce their supply chain so that it can bring positive changes to the world and make a healthier life.

Core business objectives of TESCO:

A target or an objective is a goal that has to be achieved in terms of identifying the set goal and the goal can be long-term or short-term. TESCO has some core business objectives that they are trying to achieve. The core business objective of TESCO is first of all they try to give a pleasant work environment to the employees and the opportunity to be themselves (Hashim et al., 2021). Moreover, the core business objective of the company Tesco is also to serve their customers in a better approach by keeping in mind the demand of the customers and trying to achieve them effectively. They actively encourage their strength and give positive vibes about that and also maintain equality in the workplace.

Another target of TESCO is to increase their sale of organic products to 1 billion pounds and that is in the next five years (Reuters.com, 2023). The process will help them to move forward to sustainability. Organic products will help to reduce the amount of pollution and give everyone a healthier life. Nowadays TESCO has approximately 6.5% business in non-food and their target is to be stronger in the non-food business (Moura, 2021). In the past TESCO had set a target of selling crude produce over 1 billion pounds in five years and it can be said that they are on a perfect path.

2. A description of the aim of the HR department and its primary duties and responsibilities, emphasizing the importance of HR in attracting people to achieve business goals

Purpose of HR function:

The team of human resources in TESCO is very effective and they have a very strong and logical culture to meet the company’s goal (Finance-notes.com, 2023). One of the main purposes of the HR function in an organization is to handle the life-cycle of the employees which includes from the recruitment, hiring, on-board training, and development to handling the employees and their HR operations. The human resource management team of Tesco mainly entails that the HR team of the organization is successful in achieving their goals and making the organization more successful. It can be said that TESCO has one of the most organized HR teams in terms of supermarkets. The HRM practices of TESCO incorporate the functions related to the development and growth of the company. There are some particular purposes of the HR function and they are discussed below.

  • Integration: Integration refers to maintaining a healthy relationship between the manager and the team members and this good relationship can make sure that everyone is doing their work on time. Also, TESCO puts a huge amount of emphasis on making their industrial relations healthy and stronger than the other companies in the UK.
  • Development and training: The aim of TESCO is not just to make the company as a product company but they want to be present in everyday life and to fulfill the plan development and training are important. Success comes to only those companies that can hire the right and perfect people for the organization. The HR department makes sure that the employees that they are hiring can do their particular job very well. They also focus on their high-quality training so that positive development can be seen.
  • Effective leadership: The HR team who works at TESCO, is focused on the point that every employee gets the perfect direction to complete their work (Opatha, 2023). Although it is a difficult job to give everyone the perfect direction to conduct their work, the HR professionals of TESCO manage to do the work and they believe that every employee has something unique to include in their system and they can think forward.
  • Management of performance: The HR managers at TESCO want to keep every employee safe and motivated. For that reason, they incorporate different strategies so that the workers can improve their performance. They have made a reward system to keep all the employees motivated and the reward system included incentives, bonuses, promotions, and a lot more.
  • Key roles and Responsibilities of the HR department in TESCO:
  • The significance and responsibility of TESCO are huge as they offer a particular structure that is effective and also make sure that a perfect work culture belongs there to achieve their ambition (Drigas and Papoutsi, 2019). The responsibilities of the HR department are discussed below:
  • Talent Management: The talent management team plays an important part as it covers a lot of ground such as how to organize all the work and can be allocated to each and everyone properly. Employee support has significance in the area of concern of strength and the relationship between the manager and the team members. The role of the human resource manager is to study the job satisfaction of the employees and the engagement of each employee in the job. They also take care of the conflicts that are in the workplace and resolve them.
  • Benefits and compensation: Companies that have a huge workforce have to divide the work between the workforce typically. The HR function in compensation includes the competitor's pay practice and also has to establish a structure of comprehensiveness. On the benefits side, the HR department has to negotiate for different purposes such as insurance rates, health coverage rates, and many more.
  • HR compliance: Regulatory and legal compliance are one of the most crucial parts of the HR department. The laws about employment and labor are highly complex and that is the reason a team is needed to monitor all the matters regarding this topic. It is important to keep the company out of trouble with the local government, states, and other problems. Moreover, it can be said that when a business is out of compliance the organization can run safely and successfully.

3. An assessment of the approach towards the planning of the workforce, selection and recruitment, training and development, and reward system and performance management

Approach towards planning for the workforce:

Workforce planning is a particular process to analyze what an organisation near future needs such as number, location, and skill. It can be included that the importance of workforce planning is irreplaceable (Momin and Mishra, 2015). Talent planning is a crucial part of the business that TESCO practices on a daily basis. The perfect planning for the talents can encourage the employees to do better in their workplace and it also helps to increase their loyalty towards the company. A scheme of giving an annual appraisal can help the employees to achieve bigger jobs. All the employees have an option that they can choose the particular branch they want to work with.

Recruitment and selection: Recruitment involves the process to attract the right candidates for the company and to reduce the number of vacancies. TESCO has a particular plan to advertise the job position and the process depends on the variety of jobs available. At first, TESCO took a look at the intern part and then they made a plan to fill the vacancy. This is the process where the current employees change their position or they get promoted. Moreover, if they are unable to find the perfect person, they publish an advertisement on the internet and try to find the right candidate. Basically, they post the advertisement on their official website, but sometimes they put the advertisement on the other website also. Selection refers to finding the most perfect candidate for the job. A very convenient method of the selection process is screening (Arora and Kumari, 2021). In this process, it can be clarified whether the candidate is perfect for the job or not.

Development and training: The training of an employee defines the positive development of the work. Being a multinational grocery store TESCO takes the training for the development very seriously. Therefore, it can be concluded that the training is an important part and TESCO takes it very seriously (Ajibola, 2022). There are some thought processes that run behind the training purpose and they are helping the workers to understand their potential, increase the performance of the company, and remain competitive in this particular sector.

Performance management and reward system: TESCO believes that a good combination of giving reward systems can motivate employees positively toward the work. As a result, it can be said that TESCO always provides training and reward to its workers (Rosnizam et al., 2020). TESCO has always maintained its consistency in giving rewards to employees. The organization also believes that all the workers should get a reward for their hard work for the organization and TESCO makes sure that the employees are happy with the reward system. This grocery company also included a whole package of rewards that are directly linked to the overall growth strategy of the company. Therefore, the employees can enjoy the success created by them.

4. Case study examples

In this section, the different types of HR practices of other rival companies are discussed. There are many contenders to Tesco in the United Kingdom supermarket scenario. One of their biggest competitors is Aldi, which is the fourth largest supermarket chain in the UK, with over 1000 stores in the country. They have a huge number of employees working under them, which range from ground level staff to upper management. They have a huge focus on providing the employees the best environment to work with. Employees once selected in the organization are provided with a lot of benefits like flexible shifts as per the convenience, remote working opportunities for employees who cannot commute. Health and safety are of utmost importance to the company. Employees are provided with pension, medical insurance, maternity leaves, sick pays and also leave packages and holiday allowances which helps the employees unwind. They are also provided with a lot of growth opportunities within the company and learning materials throughout their tenure. Recruitment processes are generally outsourced with apprenticeship and placement programmes provided to students wanting to join the retail industry. Upper management recruitment is often done internally or through the website and third-party job portals (aldirecruitment.co.uk, 2023).

In this example, the case study of Sainsbury’s is going to be discussed. Sainsbury’s is a supermarket brand in the United Kingdom that has been in existence for the last 150 years and is now renowned as the second largest retailer in the country. They have about 1400 stores across the country and have a very huge base of employees and customers. Sainsbury’s benefits include a colleague discount card that is provided just within 4 weeks of the joining date. They can avail discounts on the products at their stores for themselves. In addition, they provide pension to sustain the employee in the long run, and health cash plans that can be bought. They provide a bonus every year and also award employees for their long-term service.

Sainsbury’ has a specific assessment process for recruitment of new candidates. Most of their applications are done through their online portal which shows the available portals. When the candidates have applied, they go through a brief online assessment before they are called for an interview. The interview is the main process of selection and after that if the candidate is selected, they are sent the offer letter through their mails. The onboarding process starts once the candidate accepts, they follow the legal procedures of the company (sainsburys.jobs, 2023).

It can be seen from these two examples that both the companies try to provide the best benefits to the employees for productivity to increase and create a healthy workplace so the employee relations are maintained and they do not have any grievances.

Part 2: Individual portfolio (The Job Application)

1. Job description of Marketing Manager

The job of the Human Resources manager is to select and recruit the best candidate for the job role. As an HR employee of Tesco, it is important to draft employee job descriptions. The typical job description of a Marketing Manager at Tesco is listed below.

Job Title: Marketing Manager

Reports to: CEO

Summary: The Marketing Manager is responsible for handling all the operational aspects of the retail store, work towards generating more sales for the company and supervise the employees.

Job Responsibilities:

  • To develop marketing plans that can achieve increasing revenue, high brand awareness and market share.
  • To develop pricing strategies for products and services that will be based on how much the customer is willing to pay, competitor’s pricing and the overall cost structure of Tesco.
  • To identify new business opportunities through thorough research of markets and new technologies.
  • To conduct market research to help them recognize growth opportunities in existing markets.
  • To design advertising campaigns both through online and offline measures to increase brand awareness and promote sales.
  • To create an environment for the store that enhances the customer shopping experience with comfort and convenience.
  • To regularly meet up with other store managers to discuss strategies regarding sales and evaluate performance metrics.
  • To analyze data and find opportunities for growth of store traffic.
  • To work on the existing marketing strategies to drive more customers and promote the products and services at Tesco.

2. Person Specification for Marketing manager

Person specification refers to the kind of candidate the organization might be looking for. They should fulfill some criterion to qualify as an ideal candidate for the marketing manager position. As an HR employee, choosing a Marketing Manager requires some experiences and qualifications which are listed below:

Education: A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or some other related field is required. A Master’s degree is desirable.

Skills: The candidate must have Project management skills and strong data analysis skills. The candidate should be very well versed in MS office applications including Excel, Word and PowerPoint. They should have very strong and clear communication skills with required team management skills.

Experience: the candidate should be experienced in working with a team in a fast-paced environment. They should possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills and be good with budget management (tesco.com, 2023).

3. Offer letter for the Candidate

A job offer letter is provided to the candidate who has been selected to understand the terms and conditions of employment and the letter has to be signed by the employee to accept the position. A typical job offer letter for Tesco would contain the following elements:

Job Offer letter

Dear Mr/Ms X,

We are delighted to offer you this position of Marketing manager at Tesco, an Uk retail store. Our organization is one of the leading multinational retailers with around 33,000 employees and aims to serve the customer with healthy and affordable food. You will have to serve a probationary period of 6 months and the contract will be continued depending on your performance.

As a part of our organization, we expect you to deliver your best and exceed client expectations and stay dedicated to your work. We expect you to take accountability of your actions provided as a representative of the company. In return, we will provide you with the best growing opportunities within the organization.

Title: Marketing Manager

Job description:

  • To develop marketing plans that can achieve increasing revenue, high brand awareness and market share.
  • To develop pricing strategies for products and services that will be based on how much the customer is willing to pay, competitor’s pricing and the overall cost structure of Tesco.
  • To identify new business opportunities through thorough research of markets and new technologies.
  • To conduct market research to help them recognize growth opportunities in existing markets.
  • To analyze opportunities for growth and maximize sales for the store.

Start Date: 20/06/2023

Salary: £32,353 (payscale.com, 2023)

Probation: 6 months

The probation period will be followed by a brief assessment to modify this arrangement. The arrangement can be terminated by either party complying with the employment policies.

We look forward to working with you.

4. Process of conducting appropriate HR practices

As an HR employee at Tesco, HR practices start from the time the company needs to recruit candidates for their vacant job roles. There are two kinds of recruitment processes available namely, internal and external recruitment methods. Through the internal method, candidates are chosen through the existing Tesco extranet. The external method involves recruiting from outside the organization through job portals and website posting. The candidates are shortlisted based on a short assessment through interviews and tasks. Once the candidate is finalized, the onboarding process starts and the candidate is familiarized with their job roles and company policies. The HR employee also performs job evaluation to ensure the employees are getting paid on time and are being compensated fairly for their work and listen to any grievances.

5. Effectiveness of employee relations and employee engagement

The guidelines of the organization regarding employee relations should be clear to the onboarding employees. At Tesco, employee relations are very important in the working of the organization. In relation to Tesco, the effectiveness of employee relations is maintained through a flexible workspace. Employee engagement is a result of employer-employee relations and it affects the quality of the relationship between them (Arimie, 2019).

Work life balance is integral in maintaining a healthy workspace. Flexibility can be a huge way to promote that (Sharkey and Caska 2019). To promote Work-life balance, Tesco provides Part-time working, fixed timing shifts, job sharing with a fellow colleague and also provides remote working if it is appropriate. Tesco provides ample health benefits to all employees which include health checkups for occupational health, discounts at local gyms and counseling services. A good work life balance and flexibility in working provides the employees more energy and motivation which increases productivity in the workplace.

6. Aspects of employment legislation

In any big retail organization, human resources management is very crucial to maintain employee relations (Wilton, 2019). Tesco follows a code of business conduct that the employee must adhere to at all times. It contains the guidelines required for the employee to follow during working and laws and legislations relating to the company that must not be broken. Every employee should collaborate, have empathy towards customers and colleagues, be quick to respond to situations, be resilient, and be innovative and create new ideas. Human rights are of utmost importance and it should be ensured that no human rights are being violated. Any kind of unacceptable behavior or abuse would not be tolerated by Tesco from employees or customers (Tescoplc.com, 2023).

7. Employee relations and employment legislation to meet business objectives

In a retail organization like Tesco, employee relations and employee legislations go hand in hand. In order for business to run smoothly, employee relations should be maintained. The employee legislation ensures that both the company and the employees are in tandem with each other and both their needs and requirements are being met (Malik, 2022). A healthy balance between both in the company leaves both parties satisfied to be more productive and meet the business objectives.


In conclusion, it can be said that HR practices are one of the most important steps to keep the organization up and running efficiently. The employees form the basis of any organization and satisfied employees always relate to more productivity in the workplace and in turn satisfied customers. Moreover, the different form of HR practices, its various functions and the key roles and responsibilities of each of the HR functions have also been discussed in this report. In addition to this, the Job description that is required for a marketing manager, its offer letter and person specification have also been developed for assessing the HR management skills. The different HR management approach such as the employee engagement and employee relations and their effectiveness has also been illustrated from which the importance of the HR management can be understood effectively.



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