BMP6005 Work And Employment Relationship Assignment Sample

Work And Employment Relationship Assignment: In-Depth Analysis and Insights

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Introdution of How employee relations influence the behavior of stakeholders Assignment

Employees relation is a legal concept and is practical in a company wherever work is carried out for wages between employees and employers. The even flow of employee relations has to turn out to be a significant factor of a company. To maintain optimistic employee relations, a company should view workers as stakeholders in the corporation rather than just as paid manual workers (Brewster and Holland, 2020). This viewpoint encourages those in organization and decision-making roles to seek employee feedback, to significance their input more extremely and consider the employee knowledge when creating decisions that affect the entire corporation.

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The report will highlight on worth and importance of employees relation in purpose to Walmart. The key features of the report are fundamental of employment law that applies to an organization. It will provide recommendations on how the company can improve and react efficiently to employee relations and the different types of duties, rights, and obligations a manager and employee have within the place of work. The report initially categorizes appropriate advice relating to rights, duties, and obligations in Walmart. It will evaluate psychological contracts and support for employees' work-life balance about rights. The variety of mechanisms for running the employment relationship will also be justified in the report. To achieve the objective of the report stakeholder engagement and contribution relationships in Walmart and the impact of negative and positive employee relations on different stakeholders are discussed (Duan, et. al. 2021). Detailed analyses of different stakeholders' perspective and interest in the broad business environment to support positive employment relations is given.

Walmart store

Figure 1 Walmart store

(Source: Manskar, 2020)

The worth and significance of employee relations in an organization

Walmart is dedicated to creating retail a place of comprehensive and impartial opportunity where citizens, despite where they begin, can increase the experiences and skills they need to go forward in their careers. It allows the company to develop, attract, and retain the talent needed to deliver characteristic customer proposals. Employee relations are significant because they outline the basis of trust between employees and an organization (Akramovich and Muratovna, 2019). When personnel feels appreciated by their supervisor for their offerings to the company's success, they tend to give in return this respect with loyalty and hard work towards the firm.

A strong relationship with associate workers can decrease the workload on the executives and in turn, increase productivity in the company. Responsibilities ought to be divided among group members to achieve the assigned everyday jobs within the predetermined time frame. The company with good bond with colleagues assists them in assignments making work easier. Employee engagement is frequently connected to worker satisfaction. Less occupied employees are less contented and poor worker relations can be the main reason for that. Employee fulfillment and commitment improve employee productivity (Ansah, et. al. 2018). Firms with well-structured worker relation enjoy higher revenues, productivity, and profits.

The fundamental of employment laws that are applied to Walmart

The company's human right declaration serves as the basis of efforts to appreciate employee rights by corroborating respect for human rights and coherent company's values, culture, and international instrument together with the U.N. guiding principle (UNGP) on company and employees rights. The global labor organizations 1998 declaration on fundamental principle and rights at work informs the company's approach to employee rights (Randall, et. al. 2020). The firm has also recognized salient human rights issues and shared salient and statement issues with suppliers, associates, and other stakeholders.

Human rights

Figure 2: Human rights

(Source: Walmart. 2022)

Recommendation on how Walmart can respond and improve effectively to employees relations

Walmart has to regard as hiring an outside consulting company to help site this issue. The firm should start organizing to hire a consulting company that is well versed in work issues to assist it to look for clarification which will bring its concern with its employees to a closedown. The success of the company change starts with the employees and managers understanding the requirements for change (Cabrales and Cabrera, 2020). That is why managers need to be capable to notify their employees of the issues the company is facing. The workers through their representatives should also be engaged in the process of hiring the consulting company so that they do not sense that they have been left away from the process. The company is supposed to repeatedly change to be able to conquer the issue it faces in the market. A well-made information system can help the corporation in gaining the type of knowledge and information which will be helpful in the strategic decision-making process, thus helping it to compact with the issue it may be facing. The company must deal with human resources efficiently to achieve its common goals and targets.

Diverse types of rights, duties, and obligations an employee and employer have within the workplace

Employers pose the stage by communicating work expectations, business rules, and employee rights to confined and polite working conditions. Workers must do their element by working hard, following the set of laws and performance.

  • Employment agreement: it is a written document, which lay down the term and conditions of employment and establish the obligations and rights of the employee and employer.
  • Leave:throughout the route of service, an employee is allowed holidays and leaves. 4 types of leaves available to an employee are:
  • Casual leave:it is taken in case of a vital issue like a family problems or unforeseen personal matter.
  • Paid leave: it can be availed quarterly, monthly, or annually. The manager cannot deduct the workers pay for the paid leaves taken.
  • Sick leave:can be taken in case a member of staff gets sick (Bester, 2019).
  • Other leaves:voluntary leaves can be in use by an employee for which, the company can abstract the pay of the employee.
  • Timely pays: A worker is allowed to take delivery of a timely pay at the end of every month.
  • Maternity benefit: female employee is allowed pregnancy leave for 26 weeks which can be avail during the pregnancy period or after the delivery.
  • Gratuity:it is a retirement gain under the imbursement of gratuity act, 1972 which is salaried to a worker at the time of termination, retirement, acknowledgment, or employee's death. It is remunerated in recognition of service to the corporation,
  • Provident fund: employees' provident fund and various provisions act, 1952, personnel have the option to maintain a part of their pay invested in EPF, which is transferred directly by the company in the PF accounts.
  • Notice period:if the employer desires to terminate the service of an employee, then a notice has to be served to the worker to organize them for such termination.
  • Protection adjacent to sexual harassment: the manager has a responsibility to make sure that all women employees, employers, and in exacting, are protected from any type of harassment.

Main responsibilities of employees

Employees have duty towards their employer, yet if they part-time job or do not have an in-print contractwith their employers. The major responsibilities of employees comprise personally doing the work that they were hired to do. The employees have the responsibility to do their work gravely and cautiously and with discipline to avoid putting themselves in a dangerous situation (Hockett, 2019). They also must follow their employer's commands and orders and be honest and loyal towards their employer or company.

Employers' responsibilities toward employees

The major duties of employers are to provide their employees a place to work and to ensure they enclose admission to it. Employers must give their employees the pay and reimbursement they decided to, counting holiday, salaried holidays, and other types of benefits. They should make sure that working conditions defend their employees' psychological and physical health and safety. Employers must offer their workers on paper notice that their contracts are ending or they are being laid off and ought to treat their employees with respect.

Suitable advice connecting to duties, rights, and obligations in Wal-Mart

The case company believes in the accountability of business to value human rights and seeks to use ability and power to bring about optimistic change at scale. The responsible sourcing primary area of focus is resentment to compulsory labor in the worldwide supply chain. A multifaceted subject with a variety of root causes, as well as a lack of government economics and cultures, enforcement and prioritization, and unreported wounded (Conea-Simiuc and Abrudan, 2019). Emigrant workers are mainly susceptible to unprincipled recruitment practices and the buildup of debt, first and foremost from fees charged by labor brokers.The company needs responsible recruitment to be the usual commerce practice for an employer all through the global supply string by 2026. The company is working with other suppliers, businesses, government, and member of civil civilization to tackle the root causes of compulsory trafficking and labor. Walmart expect its supplier to give a safe functioning environment. To help tackle universal issues distressing worker circumstances more generally, the case company collaborates with NGOs, industry, worker organizations, and local government (Atrizka, et. al. 2020.

Evaluate psychological contracts that sustain employees work-life stability in relation to rights

The psychological contract focuses on social relations between the employee and employer. It is the understood expectations of contractual obligation, as written work contracts identify qualitative and concrete belongings (Danilwan, et. al. 2020). It set the dynamics for the relations and defines the thorough practicality of the job to be done. It is noticeable from the official written agreement of service which, for the majority part, only identifies shared responsibilities and duties in a generalized form (Hosseini, et. al. 2022).

Diverse mechanisms for managing employ relations and building justified resolution for a range of Wal-Mart

The case company uses special software to mechanize the process of analyzing the change in the personnel. The company gets its employee data from its provisions and this data is feed to the organization and processed to disclose trend in the firm's human resources and connected operational needs. Throughout this forecasting system, the company forecasts likely future modifications in the labor force, such as a change in human resource demand for each season or each region (Mészáros and Divékyová, 2019). These situations contribute to the firm's flexibility in the area of human resources. Within balancing human resource supply and demand, the company's major goal is to make certain sufficient access to capable workers. The firm has a constant process of training and hiring new employees. This continuity ensures that available positions are instantly filled.

Stakeholder analyses in Wal-Mart

The company's stakeholders influence the planned course of the corporation. These stakeholders are the group that affects the industry directly or indirectly. They put forth pressure on the company's business to trust the company to regard as their interests. With its great managerial size and wide-reaching scope of operations, the company has included many stakeholders in its business operations. Though, only some stakeholders have an important impact on the company. To appreciate the dynamic of the relations between businesses and stakeholders, managers must recognize these stakeholders and their interests. The company can use such information to direct decisions to attain a satisfactory management position in stakeholder management (Brhane and Zewdie, 2018). Decision-making at Walmart is partially based on the company's stakeholders. Thus, the business and its stakeholders influence each other to achieve the targets of the firm.

How stakeholder contribution and engagement can hold up positive employment relationships in Wal-Mart

The investors are the stakeholder section with a company's uppermost priority, while the supplier has the low concern. However, all of the stakeholders are well thought-out in the firm's decision-making procedure. Investors are mostly interested in profits and want the company to have more profits, which interpret as superior earnings per share. Customers are generally incorporated as a stakeholder in the company. Wal-Mart patrons are generally interested in low price and affordability of goods. Suppliers are paying attention to receiving more of their goods sold at Wal-Mart provisions in a way to get more profits. The main accountability for the company's managers and employees is to make decisions (Huesmann and Calveley, 2021). This involves deciding what is wrong and right for the company. Stakeholders decide on ways through which a company's performance can be improved. It is significant to ensure that the correct decisions are always made. The company will modify from the traditional conduct of doing business to contemporary ways that can help the company in gaining a competitive advantage in the present company environment (Leonidou, et. al. 2020). Managers and employees are accountable for organizational change, as well as innovation. Managers communicate the changing structure to the employees using the right channels, and after that to the rest of the stakeholders who comprise customers and shareholders. On the other hand, creativeness is the responsibility of all the stakeholders. Creativity will allow the organization to get better at the quality of its services and products, and help them to gain a competitive edge (Howard, 2021).

Impact of negative and positive employee relation on diverse stakeholders

Positive impact

Employee relations can create or break a business. Happy workers are more productive and creative; they put more effort into their job. They try their top to convene the company's expectations and help the corporation to grow rapidly, which translates into extra revenue and motivated customers. Workers having a positive relations with their managers and colleagues, works smarter also more efficiently within the organization. Further, one-quarter of workers are in an elevated flight-risk group, which means it would not take a great deal for them to up sticks and leave. The primary benefits of superior employee relations increase the motivation and morale of employees and help them to achieve their targets. Place of work conflicts and stress are repeatedly dynamic factors behind employee absenteeism (Balance, et. al. 2020). Well-built employee relations have an optimistic impact on business growth and revenue.

Negative impact

If the workers do not take pleasure in a healthy association among themselves, troubles are bound to happen and in the end, their productivity decreases. Not having interest and focus consequence in delays and errors in the task. Employees concerned with firm disputes tend to extend negativity around the workplace and mess up the ambiance of the company. Innovation and creativity come through the discussion. Employees must be seated together in an open discussion where every worker has the freedom to express his ideas. One needs to have a trust social group at work that can direct employees if they are not working inappropriate manner. Employees not extremely pleased and satisfied with their management and work tend to modify their jobs frequently. If workers have a strained rapport with each other, everybody works in their sweet way and harmonization becomes a concern. Persons take common leaves from work leading to disciplinary issues at the company (Putri, et. al. 2019). The case company should maintain good relations with its staff to help them in achieving the target within the time frame.

Detail analyses of diverse stakeholders' viewpoint and awareness in the broad company's environment to hold up positive employment relations

Walmart's stakeholders are classified based on their common benefits. This stakeholder section also has diverse levels of priority based on the firm's policies and beliefs.

  • Investors: the company prioritizes its investors in making strategies. This is the major reason the company continues to reduce costs, like minimization of wages.
  • Customers: In the case company's customers are concerned about low prices and affordability of products, as long as these products have adequate quality. This is particularly true among consumers, who tend to drop toward retailers that proffer low prices, like Wal-Mart.
  • Employees: the company's employees are an important concern in business managerial decision-making. Workers have two interests i.e. higher wages and job security. Job security pertains to the assurance that Walmart will keep the workers as part of the business.
  • Suppliers: they are involved in receiving more of their products sold at the company's stores cost-effectively. These concerns involve not just the promotion of the supplier products as well as the selling of product at adequately gainful prices (Stahl, et. al. 2020).


The report has explained the importance of employee relations in the purpose of the fundamentals of employment laws. The report has concluded with diverse type of obligations, rights, and duties an employer and employee have at the place of work. The report has also mentioned various mechanisms for managing employment relations. At the end the report concludes an examination of the impact of both negative and positive employee relations on different stakeholders.


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