Coaching & Mentoring Skills For The Workplace Assignment Sample

Workplace Performance through Coaching & Mentoring Skills

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Introduction of Coaching & Mentoring Skills For The Workplace Assignment

In this reflective study, I am going to explain how the coaching and monitoring section has helped me to improve my performance and morale. I will analyse the skills, behaviors, beliefs, values and attitudes that I have developed during this session. I have recognised that mentoring is a method used in the workplace to share greater knowledge by a more experienced colleague or executive to support the development of an inexperienced group of employees or a single employee of the organisation. The skills of listening, questioning, clarifying and reframing are associated with this method. On the other hand, coaching is the method of supervising an individual by a superior and experienced person to improve his/her capabilities and competencies. Both methods are equally important for the development of the personal and professional qualities of an employee. In this report, I am going to reflect on my personal experience associated with the coaching and monitoring session using Gibb's Reflective Cycle. I will also try to evaluate the role of my mentor or coach to understand how he was prepared for the role play. Finally, I will consider some necessary personal and professional traits that I should improve further and create an action plan that will help me to develop myself in the appropriate direction.

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Reflection using Gibbs Reflective Cycle


The coaching and mentoring session was held through a role-play session. The session consists of me and one of the individuals as my partner. However, my contribution to the role-play session was weak as I received negative feedback from the judges. The answers provided by my end were weak and not appropriate. On the other hand, I also failed to speak at length due to the change of the question at the last minute of the role play. My partner changed the questions at the last minute which resulted in confusion in preparing the answers for the session. From the feedback provided by the judges I have assumed that I need to prepare myself more appropriately and in-depth to handle and perform role plays effectively and efficiently (Koopman et al., 2021). Coaching and mentoring require a lot of dedication, motivation, and effective communication. I have assumed that I have a weak perception and knowledge of coaching and mentoring qualities which I need to develop for my future career growth and development.

Both me and my partner prepared for the role play but the outcome of the session was not relevant as the outcome resulted in negative views from the judges and audiences. I was informed to develop my coaching and mentoring skills. I was present in the coaching and mentoring session to develop my attitude, skills, and behavior toward coaching and mentoring. From my perspective I considered the session to be successful along with gaining knowledge and skills about effective mentoring and coaching (van Coller-Peter and Cronjé, 2020). Eventually to the change of the questions at the last minute I failed to prepare myself for the scenario which led to incorrect and disrupted situations in the session. The session consisted of my professors who were in charge of judging the role play.


In the initiation stage of the session, I was confident and motivated to perform the role play with dedication and motivation. However, the last-minute change of the question led to nervousness and low morale in performing my role in the session. Before the start of the role play, I had prepared myself confidently for the role play but the last-minute changes led to a critical situation that resulted in confusion. After the session, I was demotivated and felt a sense of failure. Other people who were present in the scenario were having the same feeling as I was facing. Both of us were confident in performing the repetitive roles with confidence. Due to changes in the question, the role play resulted in errors and flaws. From the results and feedback received, other individuals in the role play consider that they should have prepared themselves for the emergency situation by developing their behavior, skills, and attitudes. The individual present in the role-play sessions considers to develop their skills more effectively so that they can handle situations that require changes instantly during the role-play (Jones et al., 2018). During the situation, I was feeling guilty as I failed to accomplish the goal and objectives I have set for the role play. After the situation, I have mixed feelings. I feel negative as I have failed to accomplish success in the role play. On the other hand, I also feel positive as I have gathered and identified knowledge of the gaps that I need to improve for developing better coaching and mentoring attitudes and skills. I have identified that for improving coaching and mentoring skills I need to improve my communication skills and problem-solving skills as these skills are vital while preparing a role-play session (Oades et al., 2019).I have also identified that I need to build my confidence as developing confidence will help me in coaching and assisting other employees and individuals in my professional career.


In my view, receiving feedback from the judges and professors is one of a positive experience. The feedback from the seniors has helped me in gathering knowledge of the gaps that I need to improve. Improving the gaps will help me in my future growth and career development in the professional field. The preparation of the character and the dialogues between me and my partner is also considered to be one of the positive experiences as per my views and perspectives. The preparation stage of the role-play characters has helped me in gathering knowledge about coaching and mentoring skills (Hughes, 2019). The role-play sessions have also helped me in improving my communication skills. Along with positive experiences, I have also faced negative experiences from the session. The last-minute preparation for the session due to the change of the questions and content resulted in failure during the role-play session which is considered to be a negative experience from my perspective. The last-minute change in the question resulted in a shortage of time for preparing the question and its answer. This led to incorrect and inappropriate replies and communication between me and my partner.

Both of us contributed efforts in preparing for the session. However, my partner in the role play contributed negatively to the role play by changing the questions which led to entire disruptions of the content while performing and presenting the role play in front of the judges and professors (van Zyl, 2022). In a nutshell, it can be said that the change of content before the role-play has been a negative factor that resulted in negative experiences for both of us during the session. I have also evaluated that to prepare for a role-play session based on coaching and mentoring ideas it is essential to prepare for the role-play with proper directions and guidance. Role play consisting of coaching and mentoring consists of areas and factors that need to be prepared effectively. In preparing for the role play I have gathered basic knowledge and information about mentoring and coaching and the skills and behavior required to be an effective mentor and coach.


I have analyzed that in performing role-play sessions it is essential to be specific with the questions and the content before performing the role-play in front of the judges and audiences. From the role-play session, I have also analyzed that the change of the questions at the last minute has been one of the negative factors for the failure and negative feedback received during the role-play. The negative comments and feedback received from the judges and professors have helped me in gathering knowledge on coaching and mentoring skills, values, attitudes, and behaviors. From my analysis of the scenario, I have assumed that I need to develop my communication skills to a more advanced level (van Zyl, 2022). This is one of the ways through which I will be able to develop myself more effectively in coaching and mentoring other individuals and employees while working in a professional environment. Morals and values are some of the important elements while coaching and mentoring other individuals. It allows them to be supportive and develop loyalty among one another. I have also analyzed that I need to improve my behavioral skills. Behavioral skills are one of the vital elements that will help in developing a positive bond among mentors and individuals. From my analysis, I have identified that knowledge sharing has been one of the limitations of the failure of role play. There was a lack of knowledge and information sharing between me and my partner before the role play. The role play would have been successful if both of us had shared knowledge and information from different perspectives.


Role play allows for the development of communication and behavioral skills which is a vital part of coaching and mentoring. Though the role play session has been unsuccessful, I have gained knowledge of coaching and mentoring and the way it benefits an organization and its employees. Proper mentoring ideas and attitudes help in increasing the productivity and quality of employees in a professional field. It can be concluded that I have several negative experiences during the role-play session. The change of the question at the last minute has resulted in challenges for me in preparing effectively for the role-play event. Proper knowledge and information sharing would have resulted in positive outcomes from the role play. On the other hand, the feedback and comments received from the judges have helped me in identifying the gaps and errors that I need to improve. In mentoring other individuals and employees in a professional field, it is essential to be confident and motivated for mentors and coaches. The confidence and motivation of the coaches and mentors are a way for developing a positive sense among the individuals and followers. I have found that it is vital to have clear and concise communication with the partner during role play. This will help in mitigating confusion among one another and will help me in delivering positive outcomes during role-play sessions. It becomes challenging for an individual to deliver results in a role play due to last-minute changes. Hence, it is necessary to communicate while performing as a coach and mentor in a role play.

Action Plan


Present situation




Improving communication skills

I have manageable communication skills but I need to develop my communication skills more effectively

I need to read magazines and newspapers to improve my communication skills. Online assessment of communication skills is another way of improving the communication skills

Online assessments and practical conversations with other individuals are a way of measuring the objective

I am focusing on accomplishing the objectives within 6 months

Improving behavioral skills is another objective of my action plan

I have strong behavioral skills in communicating and mentoring other individuals. However, I need to focus on the present situation and develop the skill more effectively so that I can apply the mentoring and coaching skills in my professional field

I need to communicate and practice mentoring and coaching other individuals in universities. This will help me in enhancing my behavioral skills more effectively and efficiently

Practicing and applying behavioral skills in everyday life will help in measuring the objective

I have a focus on accomplishing the objectives within 8 months

Improving values and morals

In the present situation, I have little knowledge of values and morals in the field of mentoring and coaching

I need to view lectures and online videos of lecturers and professors illustrating the importance of values and morals in the field of coaching and mentoring

Performing role-play sessions on different topics will enable me in measuring the values and morals

I will be accomplishing the skills within 1 year. Developing values and morals in oneself is a time taking process. Hence, the duration of the present objectives is maximum compared to other objectives of the action plan.

Analysis of Elective Coach

Teams that have benefited from coaching and mentoring have a more welcoming atmosphere, and the company's values are better reflected in their actions. The result is a harmonious workplace in which everyone gets along, communication flows easily, and productivity soars. A good coach can pinpoint the abilities essential for success in a position and help in design a plan to get there. Coaching and mentoring are effective because they help employees refocus on their careers, avoid burnout, and advance the organization as a whole. The business as a whole benefit from this in the long run. A competent coach knows how to recognize not just the hard skills—the requisites for a certain position—but also the softer skills—the inherent advantages of each individual. These leaders use coaching and mentoring techniques to help their employees develop and capitalize on their unique sets of skills and abilities. Individuals who are able to identify and capitalize on their unique sets of skills might transform into organizational powerhouses when given the chance to do so. There is little doubt that a coach's ability to handle a crisis is one of their most significant skills. The best coaches teach their teams to remain cool and collected under pressure, even if they hope they never have to use such skills. A leader that employs direct, hands-on mentoring of personnel wastes little time in putting the team back on track, which is crucial for a quick recovery and return to the business.

Leaders that are really astute keep in mind that their teams are made up of people first and foremost. Each employee brings a unique set of expectations and worries to the job, shaped by their own unique set of experiences and emotions. What distinguishes a great leader from a just competent "boss" is their ability to assist their team members in navigating these ebbs and flows of emotion. An open door policy is one of the hallmarks of a manager who uses coaching approaches since it allows workers to feel comfortable discussing the more personal aspects of themselves that may be holding them back from reaching their full potential. Here, the coach has an opportunity to demonstrate both empathy for the worker's emotional state (a hallmark of modern Emotional Intelligence) and practical wisdom by providing guidance and encouragement. More familiarity and trust will develop between superiors and subordinates as the two groups work together more often. Both coaches and employees get closer together and learn to trust one another more as a result. Improved output is often the result of better cooperation between members of different teams, which may be facilitated by a more united approach. Employees also place a high value on their interactions with management and coworkers as a means to boost job happiness, loyalty, and productivity. Coaching fosters meaningful connections between coaches and their teams, which in turn strengthens workers' loyalty to the organization.

Spending time coaching and mentoring workers might help individuals grow into future leaders in a company. Coaching is a great way to promote from within and avoid the costs and delays associated with finding and employing new employees.


Coaching and mentoring not only help employees to advance in their future career growth but also helps them to transform into effective leaders in the future. It can be concluded that individuals need to develop coaching and mentoring skills for enhancing their interpersonal attitude and skills. Enhancing interpersonal attitudes and skills also helps the organization to which the individual contributes their efforts. It has been found that communication is one of the vital elements in developing coaching and mentoring skills. With effective communication coaches and mentors are able to assist and supervise employees and individuals and build a positive and strong bond among themselves. The findings also illustrate that in coaching effectively and efficiently it is vital for an individual to develop effective and positive behavior. Behaviour is one of the elements that develop the image of a coach and mentor among employees. With positive behavior coaches and mentors will be able to assist employees and develop motivating behavior among the employees. Positive morals and values allow mentors to create a shared vision and perception among the employees and the mentors.


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