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Introduction of Concept of Employee Engagement Assignment

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Employee engagement is regarded as the concept of human resources (HR) which describes the level of dedication and enthusiasm that the workers feel as per their job. The current report will highlight the complexities involved in employee management. The alternative of the engagement survey and its benefits are also going to be identified in this study along with the examples of organisations that have adopted effective strategies in order to measure the levels of employee engagement while collating a range of realistic practices and ideas coherently. The issues are also going to be identified with the help of different Diagnostic tools such as focus groups, employee attitude surveys and metrics such as absenteeism rates and employee turnover respectively. This can help in improving employee engagement within an organisation while improving the internal environment effectively.

1. An analysis of 'Employee Engagement,' including its principal dimensions and components, together with a comparison with related concepts. (AC1.1) (approx. 250 words)

Employee engagement is regarded as creating leadership and space for the staff empowered to contribute their best. This depends on various factors which facilitate employee engagement and leadership accordingly. As per the words of Azim et al., (2019), the engagement of the employees depends on the mentality of the leaders and their engagement within the workplace. Moreover, the dimension of the individual agency and the employee engagement is regarded as a choice. The organisation members need to engage themselves for having an ideal context of the engagement organisation. As engagement is a dynamic topic therefore changes do occur that can ultimately help an individual to level up to get the wave and the impact of the organisation. Employee attitude surveys can provide a chance for the Employees for sharing their problems and feelings that may otherwise go unshared without the survey. With the help of the same, the employees may provide feedback and the managers can make positive changes as per the responses and can make the employees feel respected and valued. There is no guarantee that the employees will provide honest answers along with anonymity which means the data is not as important or useful as it needs to be. The survey can damage the morale of the employees if the organisation does not act on the feedback seriously.

2. A justification of the need for alignment between engagement practices and other corporate components (e.g., mission) if the full benefits of high engagement are to be realized. (AC1.2) (approx. 250 words)

The objective of employee engagement is the internal communication of professionals in order to keep in touch for a long time from a business perspective. Chams and García-Blandón, (2019) states that lack of transparency among the managers or the workers is something which is one of the major barriers to employee engagement. Moreover, bureaucratic rules of work, lack of work-life balance and capricious management practices are some of the other barriers that are leading to a decrease the employee engagement within the organisation.

In order to overcome the barriers, the company can create its mission values and vision which can engage the employees while giving them the purpose to work for the company. Firstly the senior managers, the leaders and the board members need to be aligned as per the visual animation of the company while allowing the employees to align with the same with the help of clear communication. The leaders can also cheer up the team with the help of feedback while recognising their good work this can effectively help in improving the employee engagement. Therefore, upholding the core values can help in carving out the career paths along with providing growth opportunities in a coherent manner.

3. An identification of the principal drivers of employee engagement and offer an evaluation of the business benefits for key stakeholders-customers, employees, managers. (AC2.1) (approx. 250 words)

The CEO of the organisation can simply talk to its employees individually which can be more beneficial than a survey as the details of each problem can be received specifically. Conducting interviews and analysing the behaviour of the employees can help in measuring the level of engagement while the leaders might keep tabs every weekend on the work of the employees along with the number of network connections that are maintained. Participation in the meeting, time spent collaborating directly with the consumers and other factors can coherently help in employee measurement. Employee listening platforms can also be made, which as a social tool or mobile app that lets the employees keep their opinions, comment and vote for their ideas while sharing their ideas accordingly (Helberger et al., 2018). Moreover, an anonymous feedback channel can help the employees to pick up without fear as the organisations are unable to know the speaker. These can be the sum of the employee service that can help in identifying the problems associated with the company and the changes for the same.

Employee value proposition (EVP) came up with the increasing number of organisations and an increasing number of changes of employees leveraging in today's companies. As opined by Gol et al., (2019), the employee value proposition is a kind of arrangement that can benefit the employees consequently with their capabilities, experience and skills that they convey to an organisation. The key elements of EVP are:

Compensation - This is regarded as the benefits and compensation which includes the satisfaction of the employees along with their salary and other additional rewards that they get in their work time.

Work-life balance - This is regarded as the flexible time and retirement plans that are provided to the Employees by the organisation and the opportunity to work from home in the contemporary days. This is more beneficial for new parents who try to customise their time as per their requirements and possibilities.

Stability - The opportunities and the career stability of the employees are further stated as the development of themselves and the training that is provided for their self-development. The development of learning efforts can play a major role in the development of their career and the organisation itself.

Location - this is a simple component which showcases the location of the office. In the broadest sense, it is the work environment, the certain level of autonomy, work-life balance and also the flexibility of working schedules.

Respect - Respect is as per the support team spirit and relationship among different things too. The culture of the company is much more important as it defines the belief and core values of the organisation.

4. An explanation of how job design, discretionary behavior, role autonomy and organizational citizenship contribute to employee engagement (AC2.2) (approx. 250 words)

Employee engagement is considered a prime factor that determines the success factor of the organisation concerning their business behaviour. As per the opinion of Moreno Cunha et al., (2022), organisations are duly inclined to implement employee engagement strategies in their organisational behaviour protocol for utilising the skills and abilities to the topmost level. It is also seen that organisations with a better state of employment highlight better margins of productivity where the employees work collaboratively to optimise their performance. This measure highlights the benefit of the organisation in enhancing the service constancy of the company which helps the customer to gain better satisfaction from the services.

In the UK, Red Blaze Is identified as one of the topmost organisations that fully focuses on the implementation and maintenance of employee engagement over any other managerial aspects. To foster the rate of employee engagement, the aforementioned organisation intends to deliver high rewards and incentives to the employees who offer additional services as well as work according to the expectation of the organisation. As noted by Mao et al., (2021), providing potential benefits to the employees gradually helps organisations influence their state of motivation and interest to deliver more productivity for getting better returns. This measure allows Red Blaze to organise the performance of the employees in such a manner that helps them to coordinate the behaviour of the human resource. Apart from that, the employees of the present organisation are also observed to set their performance targets on their own that not only helps them to earn a better scale of incentives but also gain better exposure in their professional life. The mentioned organisation is also served to deliver travelling allowances and incentives to the employees as well as motivate their interdepartmental teams to drive more sales (, 2022). These strategies gradually help in encouraging the employees to identify the expectation of the organisation and achieve the sales target with their interest which acts as a factor to preserve their job satisfaction.

An organisation that intends to focus on preserving the engagement of the employees also highlights the brand image as a good recruiter in the employment markets. As stated by Gorton et al., (2021), a good employer is considered the first choice for every individual that improves the scope of the organisation to hire their employees selectively as per their needs. This also proves to be an inspirational factor for the human resources that are working on an organisation which helps them to share better participation in the path of organisational success. It is also evident that a higher state of engagement among the human resource also drives an organisation to implement radical changes according to the fluctuations of the target market. This ability empowers the organisation to craft its services and products according to the needs and expectations of the customers which gradually aids in increasing the profit margin and market sustainability simultaneously.

Blue Goose is also seen as an organisation that focuses on the development of employee engagement as its first category of service (, 2022). The mentioned organisation provides strategic consultancy to other organisations for improving the seat of employee engagement for achieving better results as per the market growth is concerned. As stated by Li et al., (2021), the state of enhancing engagement among the employees helps an organisation to implement a result-driven approach which tends to increase their operational transparency and business management operations. The major intention of the Blue Goose organisation is to promote transparency in the organisational environment for reducing the scope of internal trading. It is proven that employees with a better state of engagement with organisations gradually preserve the organisational policies and secrets of business marketing. This measure also helps organisations in retaining their competitive advantage and sustains their growth statistics even in situations of high industrial competition.


Employee engagement for an organisation is considered as the craftsmanship of leadership that helps the organisational leaders to motivate the employees for driving better performance. The implementation of the strategic measure helps an organisation to keep itself aloof from the bureaucratic management approach and promote a sense of positivity among the employees. Engagement among the human resource can also be fostered by evaluating the interest of the employees in maintaining a stable state of communication with their co-workers. The use of different communication platforms which can increase the rate of information flow and can simplify the process of communication such as mobile applications can also be utilised in the process of enhancing the engagement. Implementation of employee value proposition strategy is also a critical measure it helps in developing the state of engagement in an organisation. Companies like Red Blaze and Blue Goose are some of the organisations that are extremely focused on developing employee engagement for achieving better growth margins and upscaling their performance.

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