IHRM Issues and Solutions for Multinational Business Growth Assignment Sample

Evaluating strategies to overcome challenges in human integration, retaining senior management, and international performance management.

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Introduction Of The IHRM Business Case Assignment

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IHRM (International Human Resource Management) is an essential organisational process that impacts directly overall organisational performance. Identifying issues and finding the best possible solutions to mitigate these issues are necessary steps for organizational development. This management includes procuring, allocating and most importantly proper utilization of all available human resources regarding materials. This business case is focused on providing the justification of the developed plan based on the current applicability within the market. This business case also includes an in-depth analysis of the factors that allow an organization to face challenges with efficiency.

Assessment of the challenges

A successful business is dependent on the capability of an organization in mitigating issues regarding business development. The very first step of this mitigation strategy is to identify the areas where the company is currently facing issues. The business case is all about Afterpay’s current business activities. The company is expanding its current business in an international market, in Portugal. In this expansion, related business operations are found critical in the present business performance of Afterpay. The manager of the company needs to understand the necessity of proper training to understand the root of the challenges.

The company is mainly facing challenges in expanding in this foreign market because of a lack of proper management. Based on the outlined expansion plan, the management team of this company is to make future strategies and implement all these plans effectively (Cooke et al. 2019). All the staffing profiles can provide necessary information regarding their work-related actions of them. The in-depth analysis of various country nationals is another important area of this plan.

Planning to overcome the challenges

Effectiveness of the plan to overcome challenges regarding human integration:

Proper execution of the plan regarding the international acquisition of the company is a key area of concern in this business case. Challenges in human integration are creating several issues in managing the expansion activities. Employee turnover and satisfaction maintenance are two other key areas of concern in this regard. As a crucial part of the senior management team, integration regarding challenges is to be at the very centre of this business case. Overall implementation of cultural integration-related strategies is found another effective part (Sparrow, 2019). In achieving success in the organisational business expansion plan, the improvement potential of the employees is very important. Most of the MNCs in current times are found to follow strategies to improve this area. Each organization possesses individual business goals that can be only met by the proper satisfactory performance of all the employees.

Management of employee compensation is another important criterion which is to be evaluated for getting the best solutions in expansion regarding challenges. Career planning is necessary to execute the business expansion strategy of this company (Mohammed & Quddus, 2019). The company can minimize its challenges by following the plan and expanding its market in the international market.

The overall development of the employees and the organization is dependent on these factors. This part of the developed plan is helpful in providing advantages to the company in minimizing most of the identified problems. Parent country nation and third country national are two other areas that are concerned about the host country’s business experiences and management procedures. Both local and international business experiences are key attributes of this concern. Business adaptations and talent pool capacity are important in this regard.

Effectiveness of the plan in mitigating challenges of retaining senior management:

The rate of senior management turnover of the mentioned company is found to increase day by day. This is affecting the overall business expansion strategies of this company. The main reason behind overall implementation failure regarding international expansion is this. The alignment of the headquarters is a key area that is also creating issues in the international expansion of Afterpay. Employee performance is an important part of business expansion planning (Mohammed & Quddus, 2019). Development of employee performance impacts directly performance evaluation and as a result, overall success in international expansion varies. The developed plan is based on a geocentric approach. This assessment is based on different opportunities that are associated with all available business risks. All the inappropriate strategies are to be rejected based on their applicability range.

All the subsidiary organizations are to perform collaboratively in achieving key objectives of a business. The outcomes are evaluated and future applicable strategies are outlined in these plans.

The business case includes an ethnocentric approach which is focused on the effective decision-making and most importantly resourcing strategies of an organization. This approach presents that most of the existing employees are creating issues as the rate of employee turnover is very high (Vulchanov, 2020). An expatriate replacement is also associated with this approach. Business integration is connected to the significantly associated cultural collapse.

A direct loss of IP matters the most in this regard. Senior management activities of an organization are considered an integral and associated part of business expansion that is based on the successful execution of the variations. Integration failure is a concerning factor that provides clarity in the language barrier. The implementation phase is considered an important and crucial stage that impacts directly the execution of the international expansion. Business integration failure can be mentioned as an important result of these concerns.

Effectiveness of the developed plan in mitigating issues in international performance management:

The organizational management team is considered one of the most responsible and associated parts of an organization. Management of international business requires an in-depth understanding of all associated tasks. The financial performance of an organization plays an important role in managing the sustainable performance of the company (Andersson et al. 2019). International expansion is dependent on this factor as well. The approach of some of the mentioned plans is egocentric in nature. The decision-making-related actions of an organization are important in managing the international expansion of an organization such as Afterpay. All the negative effects of business integration are counted at the time of planning for an international expansion. The mentioned challenges are to be mitigated by the most effective and active response from the cultural management team.

The power of the headquarters and the subsidiary companies are concerned with international expansion. Most applicable and capable employees are to be selected for an in-depth analysis of cultural issues. The mentioned and developed plan is to be executed at the time of planning for an international expansion (Budhwar et al. 2021). The segregated style of the polycentric approach is the main concern about the international expansion strategy related concern of the company. Failure in any project is another concerning factor in this area. In certain areas, future expansion of this company can be set to a halt and the planning need to be based on these criteria.

The developed plan is helpful for the company Afterpay in minimizing its challenging areas. As the company is currently focusing on international expansion, all key areas of the business management plan are to be implemented effectively (Malik, Pereira & Budhwar, 2021). The minimization of business-related problems is integrally connected to these activities. The risk of rejecting the proposed approach is an effective area of the business case. This can be resulted in presenting the limitation to the exact talent pool capacity.

The other area of concern is the analysis of failure in cultural integration. Based on the cultural shock and its analysis it can be said that not all of southern Europe is concerned with this. Future expansion is dependent on the business performance of other companies. The adaptation capability of the company is to be increased so that overall performance management can be more supportive and effective.

The base of the company is to be dependent on the core foundation of retention, trust and most importantly synergy. These three factors are key areas of concern. The business perspectives of the companies are effective in relation to the cultural integration of organizational services. The overall performance of the company can be more productive by implementing all key strategical activities of the company.

The cultural building of the organizational management team is to be set in order to manage international expansion. Integration of business practices is necessary to ensure a continuously developing and growing business (Yawalkar, 2019). As per the legislation of the considered country, Portugal, the business regarding actions is to be customised. A very limited and concise understanding of business management is creating issues in this area. The developed plan is to be considered and all proposed strategies are to be successfully implemented in order to get a successful international expansion.


In conclusion, it can be said that IHRM is one of the most concerning factors in any business sector. Overall development of organisational performance is connected to the efficient activities of the employees. All the problems regarding employee management are identified in previous assessments and this discussed business case is very much applicable to this. Most of the opportunities in the available market can be easily acquired by the plans. Future execution of the international expansion can be supported by this discussed business case. On the other hand, the overall execution of the international business expansion can be supported by the detailed analysis of this business case.


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