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Introduction of Interview Preparation Pack Assignment

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1. Compare and distinguish distinct selection methods

According to Abbas et al. (2021), the recruitment process is one type of selection process that helps organisations in finding new employees that are suitable. The process of recruitment makes sure that only capable people are functional to meet the needs of the corporation. As per Dhotre et al. (2021), different organisations are following the selection process to ensure that they organisation recruit only a skilful labour force. Different criteria are making organisations include different strategic considerations.

Organisations select employees based on the interview performance and the regulation related to the team structure who are involved in making their decisions. The followings are the different selection methods that are generally used by the outplacement organisation to make appropriate decisions.

  • Assess cognitive ability

Cognitive ability examinations are a structure of pre-employment examination utilised to assess how skilled candidates operate an expansive range of cognitive strategies, such as operating with numerals, abstract reflection, problem-solving, aptitude testing, and agility of learning.

  • EMR-based recruitment

Based on Miller et al. (2021), a series of EMR-based recruitment methods are used by different organisations that are taken into consideration in the procedure of recruiting eligible employees. This is referred to as an HRM portal that is used by different organisations in consideration of allowing different services. In the modern age, different portals are available for the HRM for selecting a range of different particular actions. When the employees came to attend the interview they need to be enlisted in the organisation's portal and later the process of finding will be easier.

  • Approval from line managers

In additional styles of interview stages, the candidate should have been believed to be established for the said function. In the final round of interviews performed by the manager of the different teams, approval from the line manager on the board is much required.

2. Discussion about the selection process that needs to be retained

The consideration of the retained selection process is required for the employers like Technow in the present circumstances. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a framework that can be used by different European Union (EU) organisations for the accumulation and processing of confidential information of the candidates (Addis and Kutar, 2018). Therefore, the organisation is reliable in securing the data from any type of misuse or leak. Records of the employees who left the organisation cannot be kept anymore for any longer time.

The following data can be retained by the employer:

Job application: Candidates’ resume, application, personal identification, certificates, different copies of assessment and other forms, certificates from previous training or job. These data can be stored under the Freedom of Information Act.

Information that is held by a corporation needs the appropriate justification and making sure about the guidelines of the Data Protection Act, 2018 is following that aim to control how the individual's personal data is used by corporate or the government (Rani et al. 2021). The violation of the data protection legislation can affect the reputation of the organisation.


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