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Introduction of Leadership And Management Assignment

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A specific process that helps the organisational leaders to influence others for accomplishing individual career goals along with the organisational objectives is referred to as leadership. In the period of the Covid pandemic and in the post-Covid situation, the industries like hotels and many more have faced a challenging time in managing and improving the skills of the staff. Following this, the study is aimed to analyse the management and leadership styles along with theories that influenced the organisational leadership performance of Premier Inn Hotel in the United Kingdom. In current times, the chosen company works with more than 34 million workers on a diverse cultural ground while following the transformational leadership style.

LO1: Management Theories and Leadership Style

P1: Application of Leadership Theories in Service Industry Context

Figure 1: Leadership Theories

(Source: Developed by the learner)

Henry Fyol theory developed by Henry Fyol talks about the administrative functions of an organisation that helps to define the required leadership skills that are important for managing the workforce. The theory has included 14 principles of management such as division of work, unity of command, unity of direction, centralisation, authority discipline and many more (Ahmed, 2022). The management of the industrial workforce in the Premier Inn Hotel of the UK is uplifted in a better stage as the arrangements of organisation between employee and company become transparent.

The management theory of Max Weber has stated that the organisational tasks need to be divided among all the employees in a synchronisation of the skills and job roles they have been provided with. The application of such theory is proved to be beneficial for Premier Inn to maintain the corporate structure of the Hotel (Raza, 2022). Fredrick Winslow Taylor’s theory of management has been focused on establishing efficiency in the workforce (Imhanzenobe, 2021). Application of that very management theory is considered beneficial for the upliftment of the employee skills and motivation for the betterment of the workforce.

P2: Leadership Role and Style

Leadership style refers to a specific classification of the style that has been followed by the leader to manage behaviour for leading the group of staff in the workplace. A leader can choose one leadership style among the existing leadership style such as Authoritarian leadership, transformational leadership, transactional leadership, participative leadership style and many more (Usman et al. 2021). Following the authoritarian leadership enables the Premier Inn to find a balance between trusting the terms members and making executive decisions for providing feedback (Novitasari et al. 2021). The extreme degree of control over the workforce is provided by transactional leadership and for encouraging individual workers, transformational leadership can be beneficial for Premier Inn. 

P3: Selected Organisation’s Leadership Style

Premier Inn, belongs to the hotel industry where the leadership style has been chosen over the kind of communication and the culture the organisation is working with. Following these factors, the organisation is currently following the transformational style along with adopting the theory of Max Weber (Premierinn.com, 2022). The synchronisation of mentioned management style and leadership theory helps to manage the workforce skill and motivation during the pandemic and post-pandemic period.

M1: Analysis of Management Style

Premier Inn Hotel is found to be a part of the biggest hospitality group in the united kingdom named Whitbread Plc. The main vision of this hotel chain is to establish the "best large-scale hospitality brand" in the UK and the values are established on the customer satisfaction by developing the survival. As the organisation has a diverse work culture including 34 thousand people led by different managerial professionals, maintaining the balance between the managerial decisions and the employee motivation becomes the core intention of the organisation (Premierinn.com, 2022). The transformational style of leadership helps to achieve these previously mentioned core objectives of the organisation by creating a chance of achieving the organisational vision.

D1: Evaluation of Specific Service Sector Organisation’s Current Management

The current management practice of Premier Inn contributes not only to managing the employee motivation but also to increasing the transparency of the communication as well. For instance, the mix of enthusiasm, praise and empathy helps to motivate and engage the workers (Premierinn.com, 2022). The employees are found loyal to the leaders that contributed to achieving the organizational mission and bisson successfully during the pandemic and post-pandemic period.

LO2: Factors Influencing Different Management Styles

P4: PESTLE Analysis

The United Kingdom has been considered politically stable with a strong stability index of 0.47 points. The absence of violence and terrorism helps to construct an interruptive political ground for initiating or continuing business of Premier Inn Hotel with a freedom score of economical ground nearly 72.2. In the list of free economic countries, the rank of the UK is 17 (Theglobaleconomy.com, 2022). However, the economic situation of the country has influenced the business profit of Premier Inn Hotel, negatively after Brexit. The population is 68.5 million which depicts a better social ground for the continuation of business as the skilled workforce is easily available.

Figure 2: Political stability index of the UK

(Source: Theglobaleconomy.com, 2022)

Technological factors of the UK show that the index ranking of the country is 4. This phenomenon can be a great support for the establishment of businesses that is related to the tourism industry. The incorporation of the latest technology for better serving the customers proves beneficial for the business expansion of Premier Inn Hotel. the organizational business has started increasing the profit margins after the rectification of the environmental act 1995 of the UK by including the regulations for protecting the environment and wildlife for a better tourist attraction (Heritage.org, 2022). The legal factors including the employment right act 1996 play an important role in achieving success in business by the organisation in the highly competitive global market of the hotel industry.

M2: SWOT Analysis



? Brand image is high

? Locations are great tourist attractions

? Established as a hotel chain with more than 800 hotels in the UK

? Limited global presence

? Labelled with the accusation of refund issues

? Managing hygiene



? Great transparency in the HR system

? Have opportunities to expand in new locations

? Strong customer base

? Implementation of advanced technology in decoration

? The presence of strong competitors can make the business challenges

? Due to Brexit, economic and legal threats can bother the business profitability

? Lockdowns harm the sustainability

Table 1: SWOT analysis

(Source: Developed by the learner)

The strengths of the organisation include the location of Premier Inn Hotel that is located near the area of an airport and great tourist attractions. This hotel brand has established over 800 hotels in the ground of the UK that contains over 80,000 rooms (Premierinn.com, 2022). The offering of 24*7 wifi survival to the customers has contributed to increasing the reputation that increases the brand value. These strengths have enabled the organisation to create a great competitive edge. This increases the possibility of expanding further in the global market of the hotel industry. On the contrary, the limited presence in the global market has been considered a weakness along with the issue of maintaining hygiene in times of pandemic and post-pandemic period (Benzaghta et al. 2021). The lockdowns have created a challenging atmosphere for the leaders of Premier Inn Hotel.

D2: Management Style Influencing Internal and External Factors

The transformational management style helps to maintain the sustainability of Premier Inn Hotel in the comparative ground of the United Kingdom. Though the organization has not expanded in other countries, the following theory of Max Weber helps to resolve the issues regarding hygiene management (Premierinn.com, 2022). This helps to create an impact on the internal factors like profit generation and customer engagement as well. The technical advancement and the smart decoration of the hotels contribute to managing customer loyalty as well. The adopted transformational management style helps to manage the employee motivation that acts as an aid in balancing the economical issues encountered in the after Brexit situation. 

LO3: Current and Future Management Skills

P5: Current Management Skills

Premier Inn Hotel is currently focussing on the development of hard skills such as proper financing as the organisation has already been accused of the refund issue. The management of the fund has become a more important and basic required skill for managerial professionals (Crossman, 2022). In order to initiate business development the hard skills, the organisational managers are mostly focused on the better accounting ability of the hired workforce. As soft skills, the managers are focused on the management of time skills as well as adaptability. These soft skill improvements are contributing to achieving permanent sustainability of the organisation and its offered services too.

P6: Future Management Skills

Based on the future development strategy planned by the managerial professionals of Premier Inn Hotel, the skills that will be more in focus is the ability of proper decision making. This soft skill helps the workers to manage their emotional intelligence along with maintaining communication transparency as well (Alrawadieh et al. 2021). In order to support the business expansion, the managerial staff will focus on the development of a hard skill which is office management. The new decoration and the technological implementation increase the priority of being aware of the usage of those smart gadgets will be the core requirement in the future.

M3: Evaluation of Current and Future Management Skills

The report has helped in the identification of different hard and soft skills that are currently followed by the organisational managers along with the future requirement of skills as well. It has been evaluated that hard management skills such as proper financing encourage businesses to implement an effective control system. The future management hard skill that is office management will be beneficial for maintaining the communication while expanding into new territory (Lei et al. 2021). Current and future soft skills are beneficial for managing the diverse culture of the organisation, and the hard ones will help in managing the workforce with motivation.

LO4: Demonstration of Leadership as well as Management Skills

P7: Discussion about Competitors

Premier Inn Hotel, even after having a limited global presence, has been successful in maintaining sustainability among the strong competitors like "The Pllazio Hotel, Royal Arabian, Vineyard Hotel and Leeu Collection" (Premierinn.com, 2022). The presence of hospitality solution providers such as Leeu Collection can possibly make the market more challenging as the customer base of Premier Inn can be decreased. In addition, "Vineyard Hotel" has more revenue collection than Premier Inn. This scenario depicts the service provided by the competitor to the customer can be better than the Premier Inn.

M4: Effect of Change Management on Leadership Skills and Styles

The evaluation of the required changes in skill development displays that the organisation has an intention of enhancing the decoration of the hotels for increasing the sustainability of the Hotel chain they lead. The decision making responsibility will be relied on by the managerial professionals including showing empathy and aspirations to the low-level workers or to the team members (Yalç?nkaya et al. 2021). These specific aspects of a transformational management style can be beneficial in attaining a motivated workforce. On the other hand, as the organisation is intended to imply technologically developed and smart gadgets for better customer attraction, the establishment of new IT teams will be conducted following the future soft and hard skills as well.

D3: Response to Change Management and Leadership Skills

In accordance with the previously-discussed change management requirements and skill development, Premier Inn Hotel can offer a better understanding between the leaders and the team members. This will be beneficial for achieving positive growth in revenue collection (Ali and Anwar, 2021). The skill development planning needs to be developed by focusing on the intention of incorporating smart technologies for offering a better customer experience. This specific skill development plan can increase the customer base that will give a stronger competitive edge to the organisation.


The report has represented the importance of the leadership style in order to manage the organisational workforce under the specific internal and external circumstances the organisation is running on. Based on the evaluation of the internal and external factors that can impact the business of Premier Inn in the UK, the skill management theory of Max Weber has been found to be followed by the organization along with the transformational theory. The report has further included the evaluation of the required change management for achieving the betterment of the business by resolving the issue of the refund policy of the organisation.


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