LTU2PP2 Professional Placement Report Sample

LTU2PP2 Professional Placement: Reflective Analysis and Learning Experience

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Introduction of LTU2PP2 Professional Placement Report

The report discusses my placement at the GPT group along with my tasks and role there. The first highlight includes my introduction and my current working place. My abilities to work with people who are from different cultures, language backgrounds, ages, and genders are all pinpointed in this report. The study also talks about the reflective model as a deep analysis to ensure whether my professional practice is in the right way or not. My areas of improvement, skills, and strengths which I learned from my placement working are also discussed in this study. I also faced some problems and find out their solutions by myself which increases my proficiency and morale to stay in the corporate world.

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Discussion forum week 1:

Introduce yourself, what you are studying, and any other information you’d like to share about yourself. Then write an overview of the organization and describe the key tasks and roles that you will do as part of your placement.

My name is Dilara, and I am a bachelor's student, studying human resource management and marketing management. My hobbies include playing 3 instruments that are piano, guitar, and violin. I am currently working with the GPT group at a Highpoint shopping center to gain particular experience in the marketing and retail team. The GPT Group is a vertically integrated diversified property group that actively manages a $26.9 billion portfolio of high-quality Australian office, retail assets, and logistics. My tasks and roles as part of my placement in the GPT group are to manage, review, and optimize the retailer information over highpoint's highest-used communication channels (as cited by Lumpkin, Achen, Dodd, 2015).   

Discussion forum week 2:

Detail one Reflective model that you feel is a framework you can use to reflect in your professional practice while on placement. Can you identify at least 2 benefits of using reflection to support your professional practice?

In this reflective model, I choose John's reflective model to support my reflection in weeks 3, 4, and 5. According to Hébert, (2015) Johns (1994) reflective model says that introspection includes both looking inward and looking outward. This reflective model was stimulated by research Johns accomplished in which he experiential the dialogue among practitioners of the profession and their supervisors. John's reflective model can assist to reflect on or analyze difficult decision-making however can also help them learn to significantly reflect. After going through all the reflective models, I find the John reflective model to be the best suitable and easier model to break down my experiences and reflect on their outcomes and process. The benefit that I gain from this model to support my professional practice is that after using this model I will be able to highlight my growth area as well as my strengths (Helyer, 2015). Secondly, I will come to know about my weaknesses and the way from which I overcome them is also a learning part of my professional practice (Kokotsaki, Menzies and Wiggins, 2016).

Discussion forum week 3:

Reflect on a situation or task from your placement while working in a team. How did it make you feel? What did you do well and in what ways were you challenged? Are there any changes you would make in the future to your professional practice given this experience?

During my placement, I faced various problems while working in a team. I noticed that the GPT group tends to leave things to the last minute. For instance, on the 12th of November highpoint had advertised on large platforms like channel 9, etc. that there will be a sanata parade and fireworks at 9 pm. I noticed GPT had not received approval from work safe to be able to have fireworks on the roof before advertising. This problem was a very big problem that I faced during my placement working time. As one of my goals was to distinguish between non-urgent and urgent projects to aid in priorities my workload or reduce those stresses coming to the deadlines (Baldwin, 2016). The past 3 days before the launch of the fireworks, I was placed in a stressful situation like writing a memorandum every day and sending updates to around 450 retailers every day which I had never done before, and I didn't even know how to work on this. At that time I felt anxious to collect the feedback and for someone to proofread as the entire team was engaged and very stressed about gaining approval for the fireworks.

Ultimately, I learned how I would be able to cope-up the whole work under pressure as well as to finish other tasks also that were urgent before the deadlines arises. At last, I had accomplished all the problematic tasks, the fireworks received their tick of approval from work safe and I also got all other tasks handed in before the deadlines (Pather, Blyth, Chapman,  Dayal, Flack, Fogg and Lazarus, 2020). Greatly I learn how to work under pressure and do effective work before the deadline. The changes I will make in my future practice from my professional practice is that given this experience would not feel too nervous or scared to ask for peer support. I will remember that I am a student and feedback is very important for my learning.

Discussion forum week 4:

Reflect on the skills/ knowledge (and/or theory) / capabilities you applied on this placement that was developed in your university studies to date. Are there any skills that you developed from other life experiences (e.g., volunteer work, etc.) that have assisted you while on placement and how?

My university studies give me a theoretical knowledge of marketing management and human resource management. Somehow, it was very useful for my placement working zone, as theoretical knowledge work when I used to communicate with the other team member or the customers of a GPT group (Zuchowski, Cleak, Nickson and Spencer, 2019). When I was younger, I use to volunteer in detention centers for children over the years and found that a lot of my skills in learning how to choose my words wisely and learn to interact with different crowds and ethnicities have helped me in my recent work placement now. I had found that whilst it was working there were a lot of lost children separated from their parents, so I had to tackle to use my people talents learned in volunteering to either distract and get some information out of the children and be careful of the choice of words I had to use when talking to the parents.

Indeed, this experience would not be consistent with my current placement. But learning how to choose my words carefully when I speak with other higher authorities or persons during meetings, assists me with the language skill added (as cited by Seashore Louis and Lee, 2016). I learned a lot in terms of various marketing techniques on how to persuade clients through certain phrases or videos similarly with retail learning how to engage with the customers to build relations also with suppliers is something that has been enhanced during my placement that is very beneficial for my career shortly and something that can be used every day.

Discussion forum week 5:

Reflect on what you have learned from a personal perspective about yourself during your placement, including the possible identification of strengths and areas for improvement.

From the point of my perspective, I have learned over the placement how to find my bearings in the corporate world or how can I interact with the customers or suppliers to get tasks done on time or with a high-quality level and completed. I also learned about how to solve problems if there are always issues that arise and I always have to find out solutions to get the projects done or complete on time. I learned about time management with handling the pressure of work in an organization (Muenjohn and Armstrong, 2015).

During my placement, I potentially identify my strengths. One of my strengths signifies that I would always be able to handle any tasks that were given to me with an enthusiasm or with my best foot forward. I always had a positive attitude toward completing the task even under pressure. I always thrived to complete tasks before the deadline giving my managers time to deliver feedback so I can edit anything before the deadline.

I felt that this placement working improved my different areas of learning. One of my areas that are improved is my professionalism and maturity in the office. The office space is very open so I would always listen in to conversations which I later found out was not like in the office. I received the advice was I act like I am not listening as a lot of what is said is confidential. The area which is highly improved in me is different adaptability to the environment. I can easily learn how to adapt to different working environments rapidly which is essential to stay in the corporate field.

Respond to the discussion forum posts made by at least 2 other students (per week, totaling ten discussion posts over the five weeks, with two posts in each discussion topic forum)

Through an interactive online forum, was hoping to promote collaboration and provide students with a structured way to collaborate to discover answers to questions they were struggling with (Day, Sammons and Gorgen, (2020). The activity could also bring an additional benefit that I wanted to see as it will allow students to practice writing and explaining concepts before they do it on the test. I sent students an email with a set of directions to inform them of how they could join the discussion and what kinds of interactions I was hoping for them to engage in. When I emailed the directions, we had a brief discussion about the forum during class. The directions I gave my students were the following:

Ask a question regarding the material in the course.

  • Express your thoughts on the question. What do you already know? What's confusing you? If you were to answer this question now, how would respond?
  • Make sure you have at minimum one student to comment on your query.


The corporate field has different types of employees at every stage. I am an extrovert person with a high confidence level. I am very excited to know more about another person such as their culture, language, etc. I am interested to learn new things so I easily communicate with other people confidently. When I was a volunteer in detention centers for children, I learned about how to effectively and impressively communicate with different cultural people. I know that when I have to pay attention to the words of a person or when I have to feel the emotions of his/her words when I do not understand the language.


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