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Introduction of Talent planning and recruitment Assignment

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This report aims to form a Talent planning and recruitment activities based on a particular case study. Companies' management practices to attract and retain top employees are known as talent planning. A high-performing staff is the goal of these procedures, which are often adjusted to the demands and overall goals of the organization in context.

The principles of effective workforce planning (e.g. gap analysis) and the tool used in the process

It is essential for a workforce planning to have an effective principal and important planning on management practices so that it strategically places the examining staff through current identifying supply in-demand personal needs. This can be done through an analysis of gap analysis which adequately identifies the skilled employees into the correct rules and operations can be scheduled according to the responsibilities which not only maintain and increase productivity but also distribute potential determined success equally throughout the sectors present in the company (Wojtkowiak, 2021).

PTP Soda Drinks is a company based in the USA and currently has 150 + employees with an annual turnover of approximately 28 million Saudi riyals. After the managing director had requested a consultancy planning of the issues and initiative of the planning for strategy, the gap analysis showed competencies, skills, and knowledge to be determined through set goals and health. This is done to evaluate each employee's competencies, which increases their current abilities using observation skills and communication with active data points through increasing customer satisfaction and training those skills while assessing training resources quarterly (Rashidi, 2020).

The workforce planning tool used for this particular process are Compensation & benefit analysis and 9 Box grid.

To establish whether workers are paid fairly for the job they do, pay analysis evaluations include both internal and external information. Allows for the attainment of goals linked to pay equity and other crucial aspects, while retaining and rewarding skilled individuals. In addition to recruiting and maintaining top talent, an effective compensation management strategy may also assist your organisation adjust to changing market conditions. In highly competitive and regulated industries such as financial services, pay management is one of the HR department's most challenging responsibilities. Ultimately, each organisation has its unique compensation approach, despite the fact that many use identical plan structure strategies.

And on the other hand, The 9-box grid is a well-known talent management tool that evaluates employee performance and potential. When assessing the performance of workers, supervisors often consider two elements. The first two things to evaluate are how well they are now doing and how well they are expected to perform in the future (i.e. their growth potential).

Key considerations when planning and conducting a downsizing of a company.

Some important steps that not only make downsizing go more smoothly but also help employees plan for their future goals and make sure that their company's future use of capital or other management services to improve productivity are: (Tsai and Yen, 2020).

  • Creating a more methodical transition plan improves communication between the company and its employees. To cut costs and put more effort into the planning process, departments may be made more responsive.
  • It is also important that the company's top managers understand how the company's leaders communicate and develop so that they can explain clearly how downsizing would work in terms of hands-on tasks and execution.
  • When downsizing, it is important to talk to the human resources department and come up with a good plan for communication. This will help the transition go more smoothly. (Pekovic and Vogt, 2022).

Development of job descriptions, person specifications and competency frameworks.

Developing a competency framework for any manager or human resources department on a particular employee or intern is very important. PTP Soda Drinks needs to make specific plans on how employees can be trained further into the strategic point and how they can be introduced to particular directive managers. It also helps them with the competent c flow of the job they started working in and gives a complete flowchart of how they expect the employee's work to affect the company's growth and how the person would be showing the required increase in their career leading the day are appropriate for the position at hand.

It helps HR managers, HR consultants, and the managing director expose workers to training strategy plans. Formalizing business principles and goals helps employees realise the organization's potential. The firm may assess staff activity and performance. (Wojtkowiak, 2021).

Main legal requirements concerning recruitment and selection.

Some of the leading legal requirements concerning recruitment and selection, especially in the UK, would be very important for human resource development to take note of. Especially in UK the legal rules that PTP Soda Drinks takes a note off are,

  • Any particular disability or previous accidents which can take a toll on the physical or mental health will be while doing the necessary work in the company.
  • The particular credentials, age and gender recession, and their civil partnership or marriage certificate.
  • Along with that, it is also necessary for once police records which shit and income tax if any to be checked before recruiting them under the sections of the data protection act of 2003 (Tsai and Yen, 2020).
  • Under the act of the asylum and immigration act of 2006, it is also essential for UK resident citizens to have obedient evidence of the approval of work through a passport or birth certificate.
  • Under the act of police act 1997, it is also a legal requirement for any of the employees if they had a police record in the past to carry the updated version of the criminal records bureau checking on that personals working confinement and their position in the society (Pekovic and Vogt, 2022).

Assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of 2 different methods of recruitment and 2 of selection

Two different methods of recruitment or selection would be,

  • Internal sourcing
  • External sourcing

Internal sourcing


  • Selection of time with candidates is based on the values and precision of their understanding of the work that has been done in the company and how they can contribute to the familiar culture of PTP Soda Drinks (Rashidi, 2020).
  • Also candidates are relatively seen to be recruited by the HR department based on the productivity and effectiveness through minimum cost.


  • In PTP Soda Drinks, it has been seen that the options for the choices of the employees who are willing to pull interviews are minimal because the demand for the candidate's academic performance is very high.
  • Along with that there have been multiple ports of favorite and reported biased decisions, and candidates often feel detached to be feeling connected with the company's future in diversity and goals (Tsai and Yen, 2020).

External sourcing


  • There is a very well-balanced mix of the human resource management and its team in PTP Soda Drinks which follows the adaptability of the interns or the applicants, giving them a great choice of business culture and value.
  • Also very well balanced environment of selection can be observed as they always provide a chance for the applicants to be adapted to the surroundings and lesson their anxiety before starting to interview also after being selected equality is maintained across age gender and cost giving them all the necessary means to make a mark for themselves in the global market through this company (Wojtkowiak, 2021).


  • The weakness of external sourcing is the problem of the applicants' adaptability after having been selected.
  • And the time-consuming approach towards problematic issues also needs relevant candidates to be having a better system which causes wrong recruitments and hence loss of time and capital for the company (Pekovic and Vogt, 2022).


  • Some of the advantages of individual interview for the selection method consists of the body language and facial expressions to be seen much clearer as it puts the candidate into a stressful situation showing the true nature and merit of the personnel
  • Whereas the disadvantage would be that these interviews are very time-consuming and put a mental strain on the HR consultants and the management team and the managers, which keeps them frustrated until the end of the interview.
  • Written tests can also be a suitable choice for the organisation to recruit people from the external sources.

The practice of dismissals, retirements and redundancies that comply with current legislation

Some of the practices of dismissals retirements and the return in series, primarily performed by the PTP Soda Drinks company, would be appropriate because the rejection of fizzy drinks is on a pic right now. People are increasingly becoming conservative towards putting sugar in their bodies, primarily through carbonated drinks and because of the, people are now leaning towards the diverse sources of products that offer less sugar or zero sugar, such as Keto juices or Apple Cider vinegar induced flavored fizzy drinks. Whatever it might be in the market it is not currently a very smart or assisted move for the managing director to issue a downsizing without diversifying the offerings of strategic resources to the human resource team (Rashidi, 2020).

Along with that, regularity in previous mistakes of decade-old recruitments have made the senior members of the employee in the company very weak, determining they could not evolve with the process of the company's rise and productivity. A few of the notion have also suggested that they have found more than 15 employees who have been working in the PTP Soda Drinks company for the last 15 years who have some of the other legal documents missing. However, they were diverse and offer the position based on their academic performance and the authorities are reaching them in the board of directors of PTP Soda Drinks. This shows the lack of reflection of the human resource development team and their lack of training or supervising the newly appointed employees or members of the company has left the employees open to make wrong judgments on their work and not be corrected (Tsai and Yen, 2020).

Also, the dismissal return sees and retirement, especially for the UK, England, Scotland and Wales, needs an employer to decide on the dismissal of a worker only if they have a particular age or any particular law that they have broken to be applied in the kiss of any employee's dismissal. In simple words either the employee would have served the appropriate amount of age after which they need to retire or they would have been fired if only they have broken any particular law. The suitable alternative is to introduce a formal process and offer a formal letter to show the causes because the company has to let them go (Wojtkowiak, 2021).

Under the core guidance of protected characteristics of means, the only dismissals and redundancies can be guided through the means of,

  • Age
  • Discrimination towards their fellow employee.
  • Pregnancy or maternity (Pekovic and Vogt, 2022).
  • Unlawful beliefs or feelings to present their qualifications to the company.
  • Downsizing

In PTP Soda Drinks' case, it is downsizing for sure which has given an account for the situation showing that they have to let certain people go to diversify that product's offering into the market and has been forced to make such difficult choices. They are only choosing the employees who have not been of any good productivity of the company or have not been able to provide their particular sense of need through training or workshops. The company also has to let go of 7 managers with 25 employees and is looking to downsize even for the next quarter of the year (Rashidi, 2020).

Also, under the legal act of the UK especially after BREXIT, England and UK have many of the considerable behaviour laws. Many disciplinary actions have caused favourable rulings among the employees against the company because of this. The unique conditions also included the time for promotion and increment scheme and a social disciplinary act of reasoning the adjustments to the Brexit conditions and the covid-19 pandemic. All of these reasons along with the market being very wonderful, especially after Brexit and covid 19 made the company have to make a proposition in addition to such considerable moves of reasoning to make such characteristic chances and use that financial resources to produce better and more refined products for the market and the customers to enjoy. This is very useful as it would help the company to have a rise in their annual revenue and they would again be able to appoint employees. Only this time the age of the management team along with the acting managers would be appointing employees and professionals who would not only look for the diverse find production and profitability of the company but also would be satisfying their career needs and rise alongside the company itself (Tsai and Yen, 2020).

Reflection on CPD

From this project, I have learned about various human resource management tools as well as processes to recruit people from the external and internal sources. In my opinion, the human resource management related issues can be problematic for the organisations which can make the overall organisation less profitable. Therefore, it is needed to maintain the overall HRM related issues in order to make the organisation successful.


This intrinsic value of understanding professionalism and successful career management as it gives a reflection on how these employees are maintaining their beneficial knowledge and using it as a useful tool to develop further also it gives the additional development and understanding of which particular means are required by the staff and how they could be incorporated into the welfare for the company's profitability and productivity.


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