Portfolio & Reflective Summary Assignment Sample

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Portfolio & Reflective Summary Assignment Sample

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Artifact 1: Features of MS WORD

Dictate Function

Dictate is a feature in Ms word with a feature for communication with the user. It is a feature which is placed in the home bottom and by turning on dictating it enables the process of speaking. This helps in analysing the command provided by the user and Ms word operates according to the command provided. In addition to this it also provides special characteristics such as punctuation and navigation around the page. This also helps in formatting and creating lists as well as tables (Support.microsoft 2022). Some of the commands regarding Dictate are pause dictation show commands stop dictates insert add a comment and resume dictation.

Immersive Reader

It supports the user to read and write it helps in customising the document at the time of editing as well as reading. It helps in changing size and colour as well as the format for making the words adjustable for the reader (Support.microsoft 2022). It is placed in a ribbon and helps in minimising as well as it can be placed in different positions on the screen according to convenience.

Artifact 2: SWOT Analysis

STRENGTHS (strong points)

WEAKNESSES (weak points)


Positive behaviour


Language barriers


Innovative business ideas


Cannot focus on one direction.


Social communication and effective involvement of society members.


The tendency of avoiding challenges

OPPORTUNITIES (potential gains)

THREATS (potential losses)


Inspirational behaviour and practices.


Family pressure was one of the major pressure. Not suitable condition for health and atmosphere suitable condition.


Knowledge regarding the business as well as training internships in various fields. It will help in exploring the future by acting as


Lack of wealth as well as homelessness in a foreign land.

Artifact 3: Personal Development Plan






Communication barrier

Communicate with colleges as well as professionals and society members for better development of communication skills.

Reading books as well as newspapers.

1 hour daily

3 month

Lack of focus in a particular direction

Better interaction with professionals as well as reading business studies. I also need to

meditation making targets for the completion of the learning process.

1 hour

3 months

Lack of balance of personal as well as professionals life

Make attachments to the social life to make an effective effort in balancing life with professional and professional life

Effective communication with family and friends. Use different communication methods such as face-to-face emails and phone calls.

10 to 15 minutes

1 month

Artifact 4: Paraphrasing Log 1


The Value of Formative Feedback


The news provides a summative knowledge of the feedback. The feedbacks provide knowledge in terms of drawbacks in particular learning.

The feedback provides development of knowledge in terms of developing skills. It provides an effective opinion of the lecturer this feedback helps in developing the learning process as well as monitoring the performance.

Monitoring performance helps in enhancing performance as well as providing a reflective image of the learning process.

Feedback helps in identifying the strength as well as weaknesses of individuals. It helps in analysing the strength in every stage of learning. The writing skills and referencing style is also been improved with the help of feedback.

Achieving satisfactory grades according to the lecturer's feedback. The feedback will help in knowing the crucial part of the learning process. This also provides effective knowledge for writing some assessments. This helps in highlighting the areas where development is needed.

Building confidence is the next major part of the feedback this provides support for a strong part of the student and effective knowledge will be transmitted to the learners. This provides confidence to the learners as they are been are praised by their professionals.

My comment: feedback helps in development in personal sectors and many different activities.


(lsst.ac 2022)

(lsst.ac 2022)


lsst.ac 2022. available at:https://www.lsst.ac/blogs/the-value-of-formative-feedback/ [Accessed on 5/12/2022]

lsst.ac 2022. Available at:https://www.lsst.ac/news/google-visits-lsst/ [Accessed on 5/12/2022]

Artifact 5: Paraphrasing Log 2


When the LSST student becomes the lecturer


Maintains the link with LSST in the academic world. This helps in maintaining links with the professors which finally helps in porpoer guidance with the lectures. This helps in having proper knowledge of the premises as well as the environment of the institute.

It helps in better engagement of the learners in social media. Once your blog is published you will feel very proud and will create a perfect ice-breaker for your students.

The student becomes a lecturer in the same institute builds confidence in having faith in self-work or helps in self believing.

The process helps in continuous learning as the lecturer has the access to every journal so it would not be a tough task to find the same journals for revision.

It helps in the conversion of the theoretical to practical part by applying the theoretical knowledge in practical form. This gives real-life examples which also help in providing effective knowledge to the learners.


(lsst.ac 2022)


lsst.ac 2022. Available at:https://www.lsst.ac/news/when-the-lsst-student-becomes-the-lecturer [Accessed on 5/12/2022]

Artifact 6: Job Hunting


LinkedIn is an online job searching website and application. It provides great links with professionals working in different sectors. The professional provides a necessary job requirement in the specific field as well as specific companies. This provides millions of jobs in various fields and helps in the hiring of new as well as experienced candidates. Human resources as well as other unknown professionals post their vacancies in their fields as required by the organisation. The candidate can apply by communicating with the professionals or persons who posted their job vacancy.



Get employment according to the need.

Risk of getting identified

Promotes required skills in a particular field.

Risk of getting spam calls as well as messages.

Helps in demonstrating the knowledge

It requires lots of time to explore LinkedIn

I will use it for getting a job according to the required field. I need to identify the genuine post and apply according to that post. For having an effective exploration in Linkedin I need to spend 15 minutes daily.

Artifact 7: Bucks Graduate Attributes

Bucks Graduate Attribute

Importance of the attribute

Effective communication

It helps in providing a fluent working process as well as helps in coordination. It helps in building cooperation in an organisation and maing\tain peace in the organisation.

Learning and personals development

It helps in improving the focus of the individuals and develops an effective personality that helps in building an effective relationship.

It helps outline the goals of individuals by providing effective motivation.

Artifact 8: Academic Resources

Name of the Academic resource

A short description of the resource



1. Module Handbook

It provides an overview of the syllabus as well as important aspects of the learning process.

Short topics with important descriptions are been given

detail of important topics is not been provided

2. Lecturers’ PowerPoint slides with the speaker’s notes

Provides visual knowledge.

Detail description of the topic with specific points is been provided.

Needs explanation without explanation it is difficult to understand.

3. University E-Library

Provides an effective source of knowledge

Every subject-related knowledge is been provided.

A large number of books are finding issues is a major drawback.

4. Coursework

provides practical knowledge

that helps in the final grade process

Needs self-discipline for completion

5. Coursework Guide and video guides

Provides effective understanding through visuals as reading.

effective understanding

need self-awareness for the completion

6. Coursework Template

It is a type of exercise book

It provides an effective session for improvement in a particular sector.

Needs self-awareness and extra time for completion

7. Samples of previous submissions

It is a type of example file

It provides a proper revision and an idea.

It takes extra time.

8. Formative feedback

It is a reflection of the faculties

Provides various improvement methods.

Builds fear and depression

9. Summative feedback

Overall Feedback

concludes the fault and provides a method for improvement

Increases the load of learners

10. Turnitin

Checks the copied part of the journals

Provide effective writing

Takes a lot of time

11. Lectures

It gives knowledge of the study material

Provides knowledge of journals in an explanatory way.

Miss a few of the parts of the journals

12. Tutorials

Gives recorded as well as written notes of learning

gives an effective knowledge of academics

needs time for the learning process

13. Group work

provides individuals views

give collective knowledge

Takes lots of time it can be termed as a waste of time.

14. Academic Support Team

It helps in effective learning

supports the academic learners

takes lots of time


Handbooks are an important resource for learning.

I will get an overview of the learning process.

Artifact 9: Personal Specification and Job Description

examples of Job description includes leadership or management

personal specification includes development according to leadership skills as well as management skills.

Artifact 10: Future Job Market

What would be the new job opportunities available in the future?

How can we prepare for those new opportunities?

(In-text citation and reference list)

The construction of manufacturing units will create effective jobs as well as consumers' needs will generate jobs.

This opportunity will be created by building manufacturing units.

Reflective Summary

I can conclude that Dictate Immerare effective tool for building convenience for users. Dictate is used for making tasks easy without writing or making effort only thing that I need to do is to speak and get the work done. The immersive reader has a facility in formatting as well as reading paragraphs.

I can conclude that my strength weakness opportunities as well threat in learning or training at Buckinghamshire New University. It offers various opportunities in building careers in various fields such as business as well as different technology. Some of the examples are seen in the process of training and learning. I get to know how to strengthen my weakness by building an effective personal development plan. This helps in building effective knowledge by providing effective resources and plans for enhancing my weak points. The most important point is the development of communication for effective business ideas as well as generating effective focus in business studies.

Feedback is the most important part of the learning process. I have learned that feedback builds effective skills as it provides drawbacks to my learning process. I also learned that feedback helps in the performance measurement of the learners. The next important fact of feedback is I will be getting strengths as well as weaknesses in terms of the learning process. This also builds self-confidence by analysing the positive feedback from the lecturers.

I feel that students becoming a lecturer in the same institute have various benefits as it helps in gaining knowledge in a continuous process as the lecturer knows the library and can revise the same journals. This also helps in engaging with the learners as well as provides practical knowledge to the learners through effective experience. Linkedin is job seeking website where I can get a job according to my choice. It also helps in providing an effective demonstration of the skills and exploring different companies according to the requirement. This also provides a link with the professionals that help in building effective knowledge in specific fields.

Bucks' graduate attribute includes effective communication and personal development. I get to know the importance of this skill in reals as well as in a professional's life. Communication helps in building effective relationships in the organisation. Personal development helps in the development of personality and helps in motivating improvement in specific fields. It is a full process of academic learning I will get to know effective resources for learning as well as testing the learning process. It also helps in analysing the learning process as well as an effective way to experience the learned process.

It is a full process of academic learning I will get to know effective resources for learning as well as testing the learning process. It also helps in analysing the learning process as well as an effective way to experience the learned process. I learned to create an effective way to generate jobs according to the need of the market.

Reference list


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